How to Get Your Spouse on Board with Tantra

1468608125_staff_586_57892e7da0cb4_tnOne of the most common questions tantric masseuses get when they’re out of the job i show does one get their spouse on board with tantric massages, such as the ones which are offered by Bespoke Tantric (who can be found on their website at

Whether you’ve only heard of massages, were doing them before meeting your spouse or haven’t tried them but aren’t sure how your spouse will feel, one of the most important things to remember is that Tantra is an art of meditation where honesty with yourself and others is one of the most important things. Of course saying that and actually going up to someone you love and telling them you’re getting erotic massages as a meditation practice are completely different things. Still, it’s important to be honest but perhaps bringing it up slowly might be the best way to go. One of the things that you more likely want to express is that even though the massages are very sexy and exciting they are not about sexual intercourse and that the masseuse is not there just to please you physically but also to help you along in an emotional and thoughtful journey.

You can look for the history of Tantra online and even offer to bring your spouse along for a massage of their own or even a shared massage if that will make them more comfortable. Also, speak of the benefits of the massages, why you decided to get one in the first place and if there was a problem in the bedroom be honest on how that was negatively affecting you and your relationship.

As long as you accept the fact that your spouse might not be completely on board at first you’re more likely to be gentle with the way you bring things up. Remember to put yourself in their shoes and how you would feel hearing about these things. In the end Tantra is supposed to bring you closer together and not tear you apart so trust that your partner will understand your needs and that they will hopefully be on board after they see the true power of the journey you have decided to embark on.

Responsible Adults

1471603182_staff_537_57b6e1ee20a29_tnLike any responsible adult we’re used to doing things that we have to do. We wake up early, we eat mostly right and we go to work. Even when we’re feeling low, when we just want to stay in bed and do nothing but sleep we get up and go. We might be a couple of minutes late but we definitely show up. So why is it that we find it so hard to do the things we actually want to do? Why do we agonize and beat each other up over having a bit of pleasure in our lives? After so many hours spent thinking of how to go on you’d think that we’d earn a bit of solace for our tired mind and bodies. It’s that horrible guilt we feel because we’re taking time off to do something nice for ourselves. It’s that fear that we should be working, cleaning or doing something productive. But in reality, taking time to do something nice for our bodies is essential so that we can continue to trek on and be as efficient and effective as we can be. The more pleasurable the activity we do to unwind the better it will be in the long run for our mental wellbeing

If you’re still uncertain of spending time simply pigging out on chocolate cake while you binge watch Gilmore Girls then perhaps your activity needs to have some kind of goal behind it. Perhaps something that while soothing will have some benefit so that you can be at ease about spending the time doing it. Tantric massage London might be a great way to merge both what you want and what you need. Tantric massages manage to be something that is completely pleasure filled but also are good for your health and is qualified as a form of meditation. When getting a massage you won’t only feel good but you’ll aid your body get rid of toxins and your mind to clear up. You also can lose a couple of calories, depending on how involved your massage is. Whichever the case remember that you’re here for the pleasure but also getting some much needed benefits along the way and that is definitely a win/win.

Relax Before an Event

There are so many events in your life as an adult that it starts to seem a little draining after a while. It’s not that socializing isn’t fun or that you don’t thumbnail-6love seeing your friends and family together. But the truth is that events can be quite taxing for the simple fact that we have to get dressed, show up, and look nice when sometimes we feel like we just want to close the blinds and basically not get out of bed before 1:00 pm. Ife in general is tiring and then come weddings, baby showers, birthday parties and even business events where you have fun and yet don’t rest. So if you need a breather and a good night’s sleep why not book a tantric massage from London Tantric before or after an event?

Seriously, whichever you want is a great way to either get some energy or let the natural hormones your body will produce so you can drift off for a while. These massages also help you with any pain you might be experiencing so getting one the night before a big event will actually help you the morning after to wake up with a nice glow that goes great with any outfit. Not only will you feel relaxed and happy but you’ll also feel attractive. Yes, tantric massages actually are proven to make you feel much better about yourself than you did the day before getting them. This is due to the release of oxytocin which helps your overall sense of wellbeing.

That boost in confidence will surely not go unnoticed by friends and coworkers as you will have uncovered the secret of walking into a room and having everyone look your way. But, again, if you much rather have the massage after the parties and simply sleep in the next morning that’s a wonderful idea to spend the night and even a cheeky way to spend the night after yet another wedding… so what if you’re single and your friends are getting married? That doesn’t have to mean a death sentence and in fact it opens your night up to the joys of sexy cheeky fun.


For a city that is so well known there are so many things you could do in London right now that you had no idea. It’s just crawling wall to wall with LTL1little secrets and sexy little activities for you to try. From pubs that will only open if the owner knows you to places named after rather deviant festivals. It’s a wonderful town to explore and to get a little kinky with. The drag queen scene is fantastic and you can even book a few shows in advanced or just walk into to one. You’ll have a laugh and see those famous faces that are oh-so-dignified be made gentle fun off and brought to life in fun and ridiculous ways. If you’ve ever seen the drag scene in The United States trust us, the brits do it best.

You, of course, could swing by the many, many night clubs in the main city or the outskirts. Some are, of course, more posh than others but one thing you might not think of doing if you’re not from London is spending the night at a pub simply listening to music and drinking. These places come with a lot of character and have seen many music legends come through and will always have the walls crawling with pictures, anecdotes and if you’re lucky you might even get to see a celebrity or two looking for some down time. But don’t be fooled by these rustic and charming places as they pack a punch. You come here to get drunk! The difference is you can actually hear each other through the music and you can sing along with old buddies or even make new ones.

Finally there’s the sexier side of town where you can catch a strip show, even take a class, or experience a sultry sensual massage from Love Tantric. These activities are definitely not for the faint of heart and will bring a whole new outlook to the city. They’re sexy, exciting and completely available to you at any time of day and whether you’re in central London or not. So take a chance and do something new and exciting in London, the place is just filled with naughty little surprises.