For a city that is so well known there are so many things you could do in London right now that you had no idea. It’s just crawling wall to wall with LTL1little secrets and sexy little activities for you to try. From pubs that will only open if the owner knows you to places named after rather deviant festivals. It’s a wonderful town to explore and to get a little kinky with. The drag queen scene is fantastic and you can even book a few shows in advanced or just walk into to one. You’ll have a laugh and see those famous faces that are oh-so-dignified be made gentle fun off and brought to life in fun and ridiculous ways. If you’ve ever seen the drag scene in The United States trust us, the brits do it best.

You, of course, could swing by the many, many night clubs in the main city or the outskirts. Some are, of course, more posh than others but one thing you might not think of doing if you’re not from London is spending the night at a pub simply listening to music and drinking. These places come with a lot of character and have seen many music legends come through and will always have the walls crawling with pictures, anecdotes and if you’re lucky you might even get to see a celebrity or two looking for some down time. But don’t be fooled by these rustic and charming places as they pack a punch. You come here to get drunk! The difference is you can actually hear each other through the music and you can sing along with old buddies or even make new ones.

Finally there’s the sexier side of town where you can catch a strip show, even take a class, or experience a sultry sensual massage from Love Tantric. These activities are definitely not for the faint of heart and will bring a whole new outlook to the city. They’re sexy, exciting and completely available to you at any time of day and whether you’re in central London or not. So take a chance and do something new and exciting in London, the place is just filled with naughty little surprises.