Escort Paris

Night Out With an Escort Paris

Paris is a beautiful city with much to see and much to do, to top it off why not book an escort Paris as one of the best Paris escorts is Eve. You’ll find out that Paris is full of great bars, restaurants and music venues that are available for your treat to Eve the escort in Paris, so here is a short blog on a night out with an escort Paris;

Starting Off Your Night

The best way to start off your night with your escort Paris is to start via an exquisite meal in one of Paris’s stunning restaurants. Not only will she arrive in the most lavish clothing but Eve will absolutely shock you with her true and real desire to be with you, as she constantly compliments you and boost your ego throughout the night you’ll realise that she is one of the most attractive independent Paris escorts you’ve ever met.

The Next Best Thing

After you’ve had an absolutely gorgeous meal, you and your escort Paris must head down to the bars as Paris is known for its bars of absolutely lust and beauty. You’ll soon realise that your escort Paris wants nothing more than to be around you 24/7 as you are everything to her, we can imagine you’ll be dancing with her all night won’t want to end your precious time with this absolutely gorgeous escort in Paris which if you want can never end.

Ending the Night

Ending is always the worst part of a night out with an escort Paris but it doesn’t have to end on a sad goodbye as you can plan your seductively kinky experience in a hotel and end the night on a note of absolutely bliss. We can tell that after a night out with an escort Paris you won’t be able to think of another great night out the same again, as she’ll be leaving you with you have a huge grin on your face and you won’t be able to stop thinking about her for weeks to come.


Featured London Shemale escort!

Top 3 Bustiest Shemale escorts London

London is an amazing city with much opportunity here, you can see anything and everything here including the wacky and the wonderful. If you’re wandering which are the bustiest London Shemale escorts have to offer then you’ve come to the right place as London has it all. So here is a short list of the bustiest Shemale escorts London can provide!

TS Nadia

Busty and Kinky London Shemale

TS Escort Nadia is one of the bustiest Shemale escorts London has to offer! We’ve come across possessing a wonderful 32D bust and gorgeous figure this Shemale is one to definitely book.

She also has an extremely cute smile with a loving and warm personality to boot, she really does love her clients as well always admiring for their attention in anyway when you’re out with her.

If you’re planning on going out in London and need a companion for the night or just staying at a hotel then Nadia is your Shemale.

TS Kimberly

London TS KimberlyLondon TS Escort Kimberly is an absolute stunner! Her gorgeous figure and beautiful bust are incredible!

She definitely is a one of a kind as she always dresses to impress on whatever the occasion and has a cracking body in whatever she puts on.

If you’re thinking about going out with this Shemale then head to a restaurant as this girl loves going on dinner dates because she loves learning about your deepest and darkest desires whatever they may be.

TS Kimberly loves making sure that your experience is the best of the best as that is all that matters to her.

TS LydiaLondon TS Escort Lydia

TS Lydia is an Asian Shemale London escort and her bust is absolutely magnificent! She won’t submit easy though as she loves to be quite the kinky dominatrix.

She makes any man feel at home anywhere with her because she has a very bubbly personality that is shown throughout your time with this gorgeous Shemale escort London.

When on a dinner date this beauty will show much elegance and sophistication as compliments you and strokes your ego until you fully know what you’re in for.


Saint Patrick’s Day with high class escort

As patron saint days go, the most enjoyed and celebrated by all of the United Kingdom is St Patrick’s Day. This is the day when everyone finds some Irish heritage in their family tree which provides the perfect excuse to party with the Irish. What better place to experience the atmosphere than in Dublin, where they certainly know how to party! If you are in Dublin on St Patrick’s Day then there are whole host of things you can enjoy. Most of them do involve alcohol as the Irish are not known for their abstinence of life’s pleasures. Of course any celebration is only as good as the company you celebrate with and our high class escorts can be booked for nights on the town to help you celebrate in an elite way in the Capital of ‘The Craic’ in Dublin.


Between 17th-20th March there is a full festival going on in Dublin which promises a weekend of live music and dancing, fabulous food, extraordinary entertainment and of course the perfect pint of Guinness! Many hotels are running special themed events which really ramp up the party atmosphere and provide any kind of entertainment you could possibly wish for. Of course these hotels provide the perfect location in which to enjoy an evening and the most luxurious of them include the Merrion hotel and the Shelbourne. Whilst they cater to those clients who may prefer the more delicate French cuisine as opposed to bacon and mashed potatoes, during the St Patrick’s festival, Irish influences will be apparent in all their specially created menus. The parade itself will make its way through the city from 12 noon. Although most are at work, over 100,000 people from around the world have chosen to visit Dublin especially for the celebrations. If you are one of them then you might want to enjoy the carnival atmosphere of the floats and dancers and of course the music as they make their way over the river Liffey, past Trinity College and then on to St Patrick’s cathedral. There are plenty of conveniently placed pubs along the way so you are unlikely to suffer from any lack of refreshments along the way! Call now and book your luxury date in Dublin with one of our high class model escorts over the course of the weekend and make it a celebration to end all others

The inimitable attitude of the best 24 hour escorts in London

London is a city that doesn’t sleep these days, even though the 24-hour tube system hasn’t quite started working yet! It’s for this reason that there are so many 24 hour escorts in London. However, they don’t all have the best attitude. To get the best from your London escorts you need to book them from an agency who understands the best ones to represent…

And of course that’s us! Kind of obvious we were going to say that wasn’t it? But seriously for a moment, we really do look closely at the 24 hour London escorts we represent, in order to give you the best possible service for the best possible price. And one of the most important things we’ll always look for is a good attitude!

How do we measure the attitude of 24 hour escorts in London?

Well, to begin with we make sure that we meet every one that we represent. Sadly, there are agencies out there that are quick to populate their websites and list hundreds of girls they haven’t even met. This often leads to disappointed clients and frustrated agency owners. Suffice to say, these agencies don’t really last very long. This is the reason that our London escort agency is becoming increasingly more popular for those seeking 24 hour escorts. Of course you’ll have to try one of our girls to believe it!

What would you consider to be a valuable attribute for a 24-hour escort?

Well, we’re sure you all have your own ideas about what makes a good escort, but we won’t go into that here! Let’s look at what makes a good 24 hour escort:

  •         Availability. This is arguably the most important attribute obviously. However, it’s all very well and good waiting in for a call from your agency, but it’s entirely different to be truly ready. You’d be surprised at how many 24 hour escorts say they’re available and then choose to switch off their phone and go to sleep!
  •         Alert. And this brings us neatly onto the next important attribute. 24 hour escorts should ideally be alert! It does help to have a beautiful woman who isn’t tired and wanting to go off to sleep when she turns up to your hotel!
  •         Well rested. And you can only have an alert escort, ready for anything, when they’re well rested. Really good 24 hour escorts have to be disciplined and ensure that they have enough rest when they’re not escorting. No girl can be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week of course, they have to take time off. But it’s what they do with their time off that makes them the better escort when they’re ready for clients!

Rest assured that all the 24 hour escort we have available to you; all meet these criteria. When you’re looking for an escort at any time of the day or night, you’re going to want to book from an agency you can trust. An agency that’s serious about representation and customer service!

Best Restaurants in Nottingham

Tamatanga is arguably the best place to enjoy Indian cuisine in the Nottingham area. This is one of the most critically acclaimed restaurants in the area, for good reason as well. The Indian cuisine served at this restaurant is a must try when visiting Nottingham, This restaurant hasn’t made a name for itself for just food the staff at this establishment really do go the extra mile to make sure your meal with them is perfection. This is the ideal place to take one of the most stunning Nottingham escorts for an impeccable meal.


tamatangaIf Indian cuisine isn’t really your taste then a great restaurant to try in Nottingham is Petit Paris. Petit Paris is primarily a French restaurant however the establishment also serves some Italian cuisine. No matter what you decide to order you are guaranteed to have a delicious meal. This establishment is the ideal location to be joined by one of the most beautiful Nottingham escorts for a brilliant meal. The restaurant has a subtle interior which makes for an even bigger surprise when your food comes out and is of the highest order which certainly doesn’t match the décor. This establishment serves a huge variety of drinks which include an incredible wine list.

petit paris

The Larder on Goosegate restaurant is one of the most elegant restaurants available in the Nottingham area. This restaurant only opened in 2006 and ever since then has really making a name for itself ever since and continues to make a name for itself to this day. This establishment serves mainly British dishes however they are all impeccable and a must try if you’re in the Nottingham area. One of the other reasons this restaurant has made a name for itself is their careful selection of staff, all of which are brilliant at their job they give the restaurant a welcoming feel and work non-stop to make sure your meal with them is one to enjoy. Ideal to be accompanied by one of the most eye-catching Nottingham escorts for a delicious meal.

larder on goosegate



Palm Beach Casino with an International Bunnies Escort

It’s the largest gaming room in London

For the gentleman who craves excitement, the Palm Beach Casino is the perfect place to impress an International Bunnies escort. Located in the May fair’s former Grand Art Deco Ballroom, the Palm Beach Casino is open to all guests staying there. Choose between a wide variety of games from Blackjack, Punto Banco, American Roulette and Three Card Poker in the largest gaming room that London has to offer.

Whilst you wow your curvy London escort with your gaming skills and flash your cash, enjoy the envious glances of your peers as your beautiful High Class Escort lavishes you with luck and her undivided attention.

It’s a great way to break the ice

Meeting a London escort for the first time can be a nerve wracking experience. Because the Palm Beach Casino provides an entertaining and light hearted atmosphere, it’s a great way to break the ice whilst you get to know your London call girl.

Spend some time teaching your sexy escort about the different games and impart knowledge as you show her how to play. She’ll be impressed by your vast number of skills and having the full attention of a International Bunnies Escort is a huge boost to your ego.

By the end of your date, you’ll feel as if you’ve known this beautiful woman for years.

The Palm Beach Casino is open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Feel shaken, stirred and the thrill of excitement 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at the Palm Beach Casino. Take your busty blonde escort to gaming room after a night of clubbing and continue the fun with American Roulette. For those who prefer something quieter, enjoy a game of Three Card Poker with a redheaded Call Girl during a refined afternoon tipple.

Private entrance with the Gold VIP

For those who value their privacy, the Palm Beach Casino has an exclusive VIP Gaming area which is available for private hire. You’ll enjoy an attentive service in addition to a variety of games and the attentions of a beautiful London escort.

A private entrance is completely separate from the Casino and MayFair Hotel and available for use with the VIP Gaming area. This is perfect for those who like to keep their personal liaisons completely discreet. Contact the helpful International Bunnies concierge to arrange a meeting place with your London Escort within the gaming area.

Dress code is smart but casual

The dress code for the Palm Beach Casino is smart but casual. This enables you to change into something comfortable after a long day and relax in the casino with a beautiful and adventurous London escort.

Because International Bunnies is a High Class escort agency, their London escorts have a vast collection of outfits to suit any occasion. Their designer wardrobes are filled with beautiful dresses and exquisite lingerie so although you can relax in casual clothes, their escorts will always be dressed to impress.

Retire to your suite for intimate drinks

Because the Palm Beach Casino is part of the MayFair Hotel, you can always book a hotel suite to enjoy intimate drinks and a private conversation with your High Class London Escort. They have a huge range of luxurious suites available to book for those times when you require something more intimate. Speak to reception to arrange a reservation and always speak to the Agency concierge before extending your time with an escort.

The Mayfair Suites are famed for their spectacular views and luxurious surrounding, take some time to relax and unwind with the woman of your dreams….


High Class Nottingham Escorts From Bohemia

I have been visiting Nottingham quite a lot recently, mostly on business so I have come accustom to all the different types of entertainment the city has to offer a young gentleman such as myself, which of course includes the amazing Nottingham escorts from Bohemia.  Now I had never really booked escorts before I started working in Nottingham, but then a colleague directed me towards the agency website and when I saw how incredible these young ladies look, I just had to book and now I pretty much book at least once every time I am in Nottingham. It is not just just good looks that these escorts can offer you either, every girl that I have booked has been a really interesting person too and we have got on well, which was nice! I have attached a couple of images below from the agency website of some of the girls so that you can see how amazing these ladies are!

Chelsea1 Emelia 4 thumbnail

Above is a just a small selection of the huge variety of amazing Nottingham escorts that Bohemia have on their gallery and as you may have noticed, these girls love their sexy lingerie! I have booked Chelsea quite a few time now, she is the lovely brunette on the left above and I can honestly say that her lingerie is just as sexy, if not sexier in really life! One thing that I do like about this agency is the obvious time and effort that have put in both recruiting their girls as well as their reception staff, but also making it as easy as possible to book, with their simple online booking form.

Last time I went out with one of the Nottingham escorts we visiting a great place called The Larder on Goosegate who offer amazing food in a great atmosphere and a perfect place for a romantic evening date!

Sofia 1

Where to take your Abu Dhabi Escort

Sofia 2Pearls and Caviar is one of Abu Dhabi’s most romantic restaurant and that is why it is the perfect place to take your Abu Dhabi escort. The restaurant is ran by two-starred Michelin chef, Sergi Arola his unique menu design brings a new style of food that no one else in the Middle East can compete with. This two-level venue is host to Sergi’s best possible dishes meaning when you eat here you will severed the best food from all over the world.

Pearls and Caviar houses their own in-house jazz radio station that will be broadcasting the very best music into the restaurant daily. This really does help set the mood that Sergi was going for which is a very romantic and intimate experience. The layout of the place is designed to make sure they can fit as many people in but still giving you plenty of space so you can get up close and personal with your Abu Dhabi escort.

While you are waiting to be seated you can enjoy one of the many quirky infused drinks that the Gin Bar has to offer. The Gin Bar is ran by only the very best bartenders who have had some of the very best training in mixology, meaning no matter what drink you would like they can probably make it. The restaurant is built next to the beach which gives you some of the best views so you can enjoy the scenery as you enjoy your meal. If you would like you can enjoy your meal outside so you can get the very best view of the beach, this is the perfect place to sit especially at sunset as it will impress any women especially your Abu Dhabi escort.

If you cannot find a Abu Dhabi escort to take with you but you would like to the make sure you check out VIP Diamond Models as they have some of the very best Abu Dhabi escorts. If you would like to check them out then make sure you head on over to their website which can be found at the following link: They have the very best Abu Dhabi escorts and I can guarantee they will have something for you.