How to Get Your Spouse on Board with Tantra

1468608125_staff_586_57892e7da0cb4_tnOne of the most common questions tantric masseuses get when they’re out of the job i show does one get their spouse on board with tantric massages, such as the ones which are offered by Bespoke Tantric (who can be found on their website at

Whether you’ve only heard of massages, were doing them before meeting your spouse or haven’t tried them but aren’t sure how your spouse will feel, one of the most important things to remember is that Tantra is an art of meditation where honesty with yourself and others is one of the most important things. Of course saying that and actually going up to someone you love and telling them you’re getting erotic massages as a meditation practice are completely different things. Still, it’s important to be honest but perhaps bringing it up slowly might be the best way to go. One of the things that you more likely want to express is that even though the massages are very sexy and exciting they are not about sexual intercourse and that the masseuse is not there just to please you physically but also to help you along in an emotional and thoughtful journey.

You can look for the history of Tantra online and even offer to bring your spouse along for a massage of their own or even a shared massage if that will make them more comfortable. Also, speak of the benefits of the massages, why you decided to get one in the first place and if there was a problem in the bedroom be honest on how that was negatively affecting you and your relationship.

As long as you accept the fact that your spouse might not be completely on board at first you’re more likely to be gentle with the way you bring things up. Remember to put yourself in their shoes and how you would feel hearing about these things. In the end Tantra is supposed to bring you closer together and not tear you apart so trust that your partner will understand your needs and that they will hopefully be on board after they see the true power of the journey you have decided to embark on.