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Where to take your Abu Dhabi Escort

Sofia 2Pearls and Caviar is one of Abu Dhabi’s most romantic restaurant and that is why it is the perfect place to take your Abu Dhabi escort. The restaurant is ran by two-starred Michelin chef, Sergi Arola his unique menu design brings a new style of food that no one else in the Middle East can compete with. This two-level venue is host to Sergi’s best possible dishes meaning when you eat here you will severed the best food from all over the world.

Pearls and Caviar houses their own in-house jazz radio station that will be broadcasting the very best music into the restaurant daily. This really does help set the mood that Sergi was going for which is a very romantic and intimate experience. The layout of the place is designed to make sure they can fit as many people in but still giving you plenty of space so you can get up close and personal with your Abu Dhabi escort.

While you are waiting to be seated you can enjoy one of the many quirky infused drinks that the Gin Bar has to offer. The Gin Bar is ran by only the very best bartenders who have had some of the very best training in mixology, meaning no matter what drink you would like they can probably make it. The restaurant is built next to the beach which gives you some of the best views so you can enjoy the scenery as you enjoy your meal. If you would like you can enjoy your meal outside so you can get the very best view of the beach, this is the perfect place to sit especially at sunset as it will impress any women especially your Abu Dhabi escort.

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Chelsea Cloisters is filled with escorts

Chelsea Cloisters is filled with London escorts, yes that’s a fact, you couldn’t get a hard-on without hitting one in the lobby! I’m sorry that may sound a little crude and I bet some of you can’t believe that I have just written that but it is true, it’s a fact and really not a bad one.

A photograph taken of the outside of Chelsea Cloisters in London.
Chelsea Cloisters, London

Why would you have loads and loads of London escorts in one place be a bad idea? I have no idea why and certain that those of you who see escorts would agree with me. It gives you such a choice, check out some of the London escorts agencies and you will see just how many ladies are based in Chelsea Cloisters, the best thing about this is the quality of lady that you get for the price. Take a look at Clarisa, a great example of a great girl who only charges £150 for an hour incall, £150 is nothing for the type of lady that you are getting here.

The Lovely London Ladies I managed to see

an image of what is said to be
Example of “Fuck Me Shoes”

For those of you who haven’t seen her I will tell you a little about Clarisa; she is a blonde, very slim and very toned – you can tell she works out very hard, she has beautiful boobs – natural but they sit just right I promise you will not be able to take your eyes from them, she is in her early twenties, has a size 6 figure and beautiful green eyes, a real dream come true. Her closest is stacked with some very sexy clothes and she has sexier “fuck me shoes” than you can shake a stick at if you were to choose one word to describe her them “perfect” would have to be that word!

Then there is Daisy, once again one of the most beautiful ladies that you are ever going to meet, a real gem of a girl, such a great personality, she duos with Clarisa, now can you imagine that: a blonde and a brunette there for you! What more could any man want in life? Once again Daisy is just £150 for an hour!

So can you tell me why anybody would moan about visiting Chelsea Cloisters to see a London escort, I have no idea why, I visit there all the time and have had some of the best hours of my life, which just goes to show you how great this building can be.