Mayfair escorts – the most sought after in London

Escorts in Mayfair are the most sought after in all of London, which is to be expected with our affluent and wealthy the area is. The best clubs, restaurants and bars are all located in the area, with so much to do in the area, it is no surprise that the demand for elite escorts is so high, I regularly find myself searching the web to find the perfect companion for a night in Mayfair.

a photograph taken of Adora from Mayfair Girls.
Mayfair Girls – Adora

Recently I stumbled across a website that I had somehow missed up until then, the website in question was and my experience with the guys was nothing short of amazing. From start to finish the whole process was super smooth and effortless, something that is not always the case when using certain agencies in London. I have had countless poor experiences before so this was a pleasant surprise and one that meant I would certainly be going back to Mayfair Girls again in the future.

a photograph taken of a London Escort from Mayfair girls.
Mayfair Girls – London Escorts

When I called up they were very friendly and immediately I could tell they had a genuine desire to make sure I got the booking that was right for me, after some brief discussions they recommended Jennifer to me and after checking her profile I instantly agreed that she seemed great for the job.

I was wrong, she wasn’t just great she was absolutely perfect in every way. Very pretty, she was great fun and we had lots of laughs as we dined and then went for a few drinks in Aura, before we retired back to her place. Once there I was astonished and just how good Jennifer was, I am rarely one to be left speechless but the service that she provided left me that way. Will definitely not only be using Jennifer again, but I am keen to become a VIP member of Mayfair Girls.


Where to take your high class London escort

London is an incredible city full of opportunity, places to see and visit with your high class London escort. Before you think about where you want to take your London escort you are going to want the best selection of escorts that London has to offer. Carmens Secrets is a high class London escort agency that hosts an incredible and extensive selection of beautiful charming and sophisticated escorts in London. At Carmens Secrets they select only the finest ladies to become escorts so that they can give the best experience possible to clients. Carmens Secrets really want the best for their clients in terms of delivering an exquisite experience that is worth coming back for.


Now you know where to find one of the best selection of high class London escorts you will need somewhere to go out where you both can enjoy a memorable evening with your high class London escort. You are going to want a high end luxury venue to match the class of your high class London escort and you will want somewhere that you can relax in comfortable surroundings. A great example of a place to take your beautiful London escort is The Five Fields a luxury cosy restaurant with fantastic food, incredible service and a pleasant dining atmosphere. The Five Fields is a small escape out of the busy London life where you can sit back relax and watch the world go by.


Perhaps you don’t want to go to a restaurant and just one to treat you and your high class London escort to one of London’s many luxury bars were you can both get know each other over some delicious cocktails. Aqua is the perfect place to relax while enjoying any drinks on their extensive menu. Here you will get the opportunity to relax and get to know your escort in luxury surroundings or you can even sit outside on their incredible roof top bar that has stunning views of the London skyline.



The Overnight Hotel Appointment

The overnight hotel appointment is the perfect way to extend your pleasurable encounter with your high class Kensington escort companion. The overnight stay is usually an extended 12 hours in duration and gives you plenty of time to unwind and enjoy the company of your sophisticated exclusive escort guest.

Choosing The Perfect Location

When you are considering booking an overnight hotel appointment with a high class Kensington escort it is recommended that you consider the following, when making your hotel booking arrangements:

  • Convenient location
  • Luxury and comfort
  • On-site facilities and amenities
  • Absolute discretion
  • On-site parking facilities
  • Additional room service options
  • A room with a view

When You Should Book An Overnight Stay

  • The best time to book an overnight stay is when you have made a number of appointments with the same high class Kensington escort and you have an established connection.
  • Book an overnight hotel appointment when you are hoping to explore your sensuality through role play and dressing up games. Choose an exclusive London escort companion you already feel comfortable with so that you can concentrate on the fun instead of having to get to know each other.
  • Book an overnight hotel stay whenever you have booked a full day of appointment activities with your perfect high class Kensington escort. If you have taken her shopping, sightseeing and for dinner and a show why not finish off your appointment with some quality relaxation in a luxurious hotel suite?

When You Shouldn’t Book An Overnight Stay

  • Do not book an overnight stay on your first appointment with an exclusive escort. The extended 12-hour duration is a long time to spend in the company of someone you may not have any rapport with. Save the overnight appointment for your perfect and regular high class Kensington escort companion.
  • Do not book a hotel room in the hope that you can extend your appointment with your high class Kensington escort dinner companion. Unless you have booked an extended appointment the pleasure of her company ends when your dinner appointment finishes.
  • Do not book a hotel room or suite before you have made a high class Kensington escort booking. Leaving your plans to the last minute may mean that your preferred escort companion is already booked up and busy. Always make an escort appointment before you book your hotel.


Palm Beach Casino with an International Bunnies Escort

It’s the largest gaming room in London

For the gentleman who craves excitement, the Palm Beach Casino is the perfect place to impress an International Bunnies escort. Located in the May fair’s former Grand Art Deco Ballroom, the Palm Beach Casino is open to all guests staying there. Choose between a wide variety of games from Blackjack, Punto Banco, American Roulette and Three Card Poker in the largest gaming room that London has to offer.

Whilst you wow your curvy London escort with your gaming skills and flash your cash, enjoy the envious glances of your peers as your beautiful High Class Escort lavishes you with luck and her undivided attention.

It’s a great way to break the ice

Meeting a London escort for the first time can be a nerve wracking experience. Because the Palm Beach Casino provides an entertaining and light hearted atmosphere, it’s a great way to break the ice whilst you get to know your London call girl.

Spend some time teaching your sexy escort about the different games and impart knowledge as you show her how to play. She’ll be impressed by your vast number of skills and having the full attention of a International Bunnies Escort is a huge boost to your ego.

By the end of your date, you’ll feel as if you’ve known this beautiful woman for years.

The Palm Beach Casino is open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Feel shaken, stirred and the thrill of excitement 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at the Palm Beach Casino. Take your busty blonde escort to gaming room after a night of clubbing and continue the fun with American Roulette. For those who prefer something quieter, enjoy a game of Three Card Poker with a redheaded Call Girl during a refined afternoon tipple.

Private entrance with the Gold VIP

For those who value their privacy, the Palm Beach Casino has an exclusive VIP Gaming area which is available for private hire. You’ll enjoy an attentive service in addition to a variety of games and the attentions of a beautiful London escort.

A private entrance is completely separate from the Casino and MayFair Hotel and available for use with the VIP Gaming area. This is perfect for those who like to keep their personal liaisons completely discreet. Contact the helpful International Bunnies concierge to arrange a meeting place with your London Escort within the gaming area.

Dress code is smart but casual

The dress code for the Palm Beach Casino is smart but casual. This enables you to change into something comfortable after a long day and relax in the casino with a beautiful and adventurous London escort.

Because International Bunnies is a High Class escort agency, their London escorts have a vast collection of outfits to suit any occasion. Their designer wardrobes are filled with beautiful dresses and exquisite lingerie so although you can relax in casual clothes, their escorts will always be dressed to impress.

Retire to your suite for intimate drinks

Because the Palm Beach Casino is part of the MayFair Hotel, you can always book a hotel suite to enjoy intimate drinks and a private conversation with your High Class London Escort. They have a huge range of luxurious suites available to book for those times when you require something more intimate. Speak to reception to arrange a reservation and always speak to the Agency concierge before extending your time with an escort.

The Mayfair Suites are famed for their spectacular views and luxurious surrounding, take some time to relax and unwind with the woman of your dreams….

Wne and roses for a London escort

Top Five Romantic and Sensuous Gifts for London Escorts


Most of the clients availing the services of an escort will stick to the one simple rule of paying her up front, while there are others who like to go above and beyond to bring a little extra treat for her. Escorts in London are always excited to receive gifts from their clients and it makes them feel special and appreciated for the time and effort that they are giving to please their clients. If you fall in the second category of clients who like to make their women feel special, then scroll down to get some great gift ideas that will you to score extra brownie points from your escort.

Wine and Roses

Romantic gifts are an easy option for you because women appreciate flowers and wine or champagne. These gifts are an excellent idea for a first date with a professional woman as it will help you to break the ice and start a conversation. Wine or champagne will help to loosen both of you so that you two feel comfortable in each other’s company. As the magic has to happen within a limited period of time, it is absolutely vital that you and the woman you have decided to spend your night with is at ease with one another and only then can you hope to have a wonderful, memorable and passion-filled night.

Lingerie and Jewellery

Once you get to know the woman a little better, you could venture a step ahead and get intimate gifts like lingerie and jewellery for your night-companion. The lingerie that you choose will not only be a gift for her but a girl for you as well because you will get to see her wear it. You can choose from sweet, feminine and frilly to seductive lace ones and in colours that turns you on. The only concern here is that you need to get her measurements right. You could ask her directly or contact the agency to get her exact size so that you can surprise her. As for jewellery, anything that pleases your eyes and you think will look great on her, she will appreciate it whole-heartedly. After all, no woman can ever turn down jewellery!

Sex Toys

You share your dirty little secrets with London escorts and hence, gifting sex toys is not at all offensive. You can freely let your perverted urges come to the surface and buy the paid-woman amorous-related goodies which you otherwise would not be comfortable buying for anybody else. This is again not just a gift for her but for you too as now you two will have lots of different things to experiment and do during your encounters from BDSM, role playing to solo act sessions and everything in between. The active use of these erotic, mood-boosting objects is sure to up the frisky and syrupy feel.


Chocolates are an aphrodisiac and there is no woman on this earth who does not enjoy chocolates! Gift her a big box of chocolate and prepare for a night of romance.


After a few encounters with an escort, you will feel like you are getting to know them. Perfume is something that most escorts use and you can pick up a fragrance that you think will be liked by her. You can gift her bath products too since, you obviously would like her to be clean and proper for you.


Client Types – An Escort’s Perspective

Clients come in all shapes, sizes and personal preferences and from a high class Mayfair escort’s perspective this is a very good thing. It ensures that all her appointments are interesting, exciting and fun.

From an exclusive London escort’s point of view here are a few of her distinctive clients:

  • The New Thrill Seeker

The client who enjoys the thrill of new experiences is always on the look out for high class Mayfair escorts who are fresh-faced and have less appointment experience than other ladies. These thrill seeking gentlemen like to show off their expert knowledge and are attracted to exclusive London escorts who are new to the area.

The thrill seeker client prefers to book appointments with different high class escorts because he believes that variety is the spice of life.

  • The Married Man

The client who is married makes appointments with sophisticated exclusive escorts in Mayfair because he is either bored of his relationship or likes the excitement of spending time with other women. This client knows what he likes and what he wants and has a particular escort companion preference.

Some married men become regular clients because they form an emotional attachment to their perfect high class Mayfair escort and view the connection as a replacement for an unsatisfactory relationship at home.

  • The Confused Nice Guy

The client who finds himself booking an appointment with a high class Mayfair escort but isn’t quite sure why is usually emotionally confused. He may recently have broken up with a long-term girlfriend or he is experiencing personal problems that are making him question what he wants from life.

The nice guy is polite and well mannered and very respectful towards his attentive exclusive London escort companion. He won’t necessarily know what he wants though.

  • The Assets Man

The client who fantasies about spending time with exclusive escorts in Mayfair is usually an assets man. This means that he has a passion for the statistical attributes of beautiful women. This client may have a fascination for big breasts, pert bottoms or long legs. His personal preference will influence his escort appointment choice.

The assets man is highly excitable and may take some time over making his fantasy a reality. When he finally finds the high class Mayfair escort of his dreams this client will worship her and lavish attention and gifts on her.



Get the best of everything with Mature London escorts

We’ve all seen the older woman in the street right? We’ve all had a secret fantasy about our female boss perhaps?  Well, you can realise all your fantasies with mature London escorts from Park Lane Escorts.

We’re not talking about really old women here by the way of course, we’re referring to those that are older than the standard sort of age young women enter the escort industry.  You’ll find that there are many girls entering the community from 18 years old.  This is all very well, and we’re not knocking these girls, but you might find that you’ll get a better experience if you book mature London escorts at perhaps 25 and older.

A photograph taken of Lucia from Park Lane Escorts
Park Lane Escorts – Lucia

It might not seem like much of a difference, but if you stop to consider how much time passes and how much experience is gained over the space of just a few years, you’ll understand where we’re coming from.  Most discerning gentlemen prefer to spend time with a classy woman, still young enough to have a fantastic body and a look most women would kill for, yet old enough to have experienced a good slice of life.  Mature London escorts will always have this on offer and the good news is that you can get them whenever you want!

Mature London escorts offer much more

No, it certainly isn’t. Whilst we maintain the fact that mature London escorts will have spent more time with men than their younger colleagues, there’s a lot more to it than that.  Experience comes in many forms.  Being well traveled, well read, cultured to a certain degree, having a good or fluent mastery of the English language and many other things come into the equation when a man such as yourself is considering which type of companion to choose.

A photograph taken of Natya from Park Lane Escorts.
Park Lane Escorts – Natya

Isn’t it nice to sit and chat for a while with the young companion of your choice, perhaps taking in the atmosphere of the restaurant or hotel where you you’re both sitting?  A conversation is a great ice breaker and it’s even better if you have a companion who can relate to what you’re talking about.  Someone intelligent and experienced enough to appreciate a stimulating conversation can quickly turn your most sensitive erogenous zone into something that craves her attention and longs to be close to her; we refer of course to your mind – arguably the most important erogenous zone in the human body!

Book the best escorts

If you want all this from a professional young woman, you’re going to want to book from a high end agency and not just anywhere. Avoid the places where all the girls are the same price and usually cheap.  You will also notice with these places that most of the girls are around 20 years old and in our mind, not all of them could possibly be as accomplished as we have just mentioned; you may well get lucky, but please consider that booking someone a little older with more experience is well worth a little extra money!

Book from us with confidence and have the experience you deserve!


Ashley London Escort Companion

I met with Ashley two weeks ago on Saturday. I’m reasonably experienced in booking and spending time with London’s diverse array of female companions so I had taken my time and scoured the internet widely for a lady whose appearance was exactly my type.

I’m always slightly suspicious that aged photos and a deft hand in Photoshop might render the entire exercise fruitless, but on this occasion I wasn’t disappointed. Quite the contrary, when Ashley arrived she was exactly what I had imagined. Completely perfect. Her perfect and youthful face was alive and her eyes sparkled. I’m a little embarrassed to say that my heart jumped and I had to catch my breath.

I’d arranged for a few hours because at my age, I don’t like things to be rushed. I like to savour over an experience. I’d made a booking at the hotel restaurant and she politely obliged to go for a drink at the bar beforehand. Sitting up at the bar I felt the eyes of the other patrons on me, or rather, on her. She was immaculate, not just in the seductive figure hugging red dress she was wearing, but in her demeanour. She chatted enthusiastically and her relaxed and joyful personality soon dispelled any lingering nerves and made the situation feel natural and enjoyable.

For such a young lady she is worldly wise and knowledgeable on everything from fashion, politics and literature. We talked for a while over a few long drinks about Umberto Eco and Paulo Coelho and about the upcoming election. I felt as if I was in the presence of friend.

Over dinner we chatted more about her life and interest in travelling, by the time desert came she had me laughing about holiday disasters and family Christmases. In turn she listened to me and indulged with sincere empathy about my various life dramas and made a genuinely useful and constructive suggestions. This is a truly vibrant and entertaining lady, she was the perfect dinner companion.

What happened after that? Well, a gentleman doesn’t tell tales. But I can say, that I had a perfect evening with a vibrant and stunning lady whom I could only dream was an ongoing part of my life. I would strongly recommend her company to anyone else who enjoys not just staggering, jaw dropping beauty, but also witty and engaging company. On the other hand, perhaps I shouldn’t! As I prefer to keep this gem of the London scene all to myself.

Visit –


High Class Nottingham Escorts From Bohemia

I have been visiting Nottingham quite a lot recently, mostly on business so I have come accustom to all the different types of entertainment the city has to offer a young gentleman such as myself, which of course includes the amazing Nottingham escorts from Bohemia.  Now I had never really booked escorts before I started working in Nottingham, but then a colleague directed me towards the agency website and when I saw how incredible these young ladies look, I just had to book and now I pretty much book at least once every time I am in Nottingham. It is not just just good looks that these escorts can offer you either, every girl that I have booked has been a really interesting person too and we have got on well, which was nice! I have attached a couple of images below from the agency website of some of the girls so that you can see how amazing these ladies are!

Chelsea1 Emelia 4 thumbnail

Above is a just a small selection of the huge variety of amazing Nottingham escorts that Bohemia have on their gallery and as you may have noticed, these girls love their sexy lingerie! I have booked Chelsea quite a few time now, she is the lovely brunette on the left above and I can honestly say that her lingerie is just as sexy, if not sexier in really life! One thing that I do like about this agency is the obvious time and effort that have put in both recruiting their girls as well as their reception staff, but also making it as easy as possible to book, with their simple online booking form.

Last time I went out with one of the Nottingham escorts we visiting a great place called The Larder on Goosegate who offer amazing food in a great atmosphere and a perfect place for a romantic evening date!


Best Bars in Cheshire

Originally opened in September 2000. Beluga have been proudly serving Bramhall for 15 years!  Beluga Bramhall plays host to the latest drink license in the village on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights it is open until 1am. They also open at 9am for coffee, cakes and Danish Pastries, full breakfast menu from 10am, then offer an exceptional menu with daily specials right through to 10pm. The restaurant is fully air conditioned to ensure maximum comfort. We offer free unlimited internet connection inside and outside in the courtyard.



Original Belgian bar, specializing in exceptional European beers, ales, fine wines and spirits from all over the world. Great food served daily covering a range of cuisines and appetites. With more than a dozen drinks on tap, you’re bound to find something that you will keep coming back for over and over. They also serve up fantastic juicy burgers with a side of delicious chips.



The Salt Bar is less than a five minute walk from Macclesfield Train station and about 25 minutes train ride from Manchester, on the historic cobbles of the Castle Quarter. They serve Scandinavian style food and drink, local real ales, good wine, tea and coffee in an intimate and cosy atmosphere and on top of all this it has some stunning scenery nearby.



The Canvas Lounge was established in 2003 as a bar above a gallery. Over the years Canvas has evolved and become one of the most loved and popular bars in Knutsford. With a room for everyone – The Snug, The Gallery and The Study provide a unique experience where ever you choose to sit. The open kitchen, all weather Roof Terrace and the Secret Garden add to the eclectic mix of space and style all packed into one little eatery & bar. If you want to take a beautiful companion along to this exquisite bar Exclusive Company Escort Agency has some of the best escorts in Cheshire.



Lastly The House restaurant and bar, The House has built its reputation on providing excellent food in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and has become popular with the locals for all the right reasons. Since the restaurant first opened its doors in 2005, The House has continued to grow as a venue. The House launched its own wine bar next door in 2007, which introduced live music and entertainment and has also become a popular place to be for the locals.