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Welcome to our Ibiza escorts page, where we pride ourselves in knowing that we have the best escorts in Ibiza, the escorts in Ibiza are some of the highest class in the area and we know for a fact you’ll return.

There are many locations in Ibiza to have fun and most of them are in bars and clubs as they’re what people go for, one of the best places to bring your companion to go clubbing would be Amnesia which is quite highly rated as one of the best clubs in Ibiza as it has been opened since the 1950’s and is now one of the most popular modern clubbing venues on Ibiza as the venue is absolutely huge and can fit hundreds of people at once. 

If you’re done with clubbing for a little bit and want to get something to eat then we suggest Atzaro as it is one of the most busiest restaurants in Ibiza and it’s food concentrate on well-being so it’s mostly vegetarian with a mixture of some meats for flavour, the décor is very Spanish styled with a very comfy and fancy Mediterranean look to it, it’s also a hotel so an afternoon siesta might be a good call. 

After the night has died down and you and your companion are feeling a little tired of clubbing and you’ve saved enough energy for the bedroom try the Hotel Garbi in Ibiza as this hotel has a lot to offer whether it be a great room for the night or the other facilities like the spa, bar, restaurant, pool and much more this is a great place to take the night off with. 

We can promise that all these places in Ibiza are exquisite when visiting with your companion as the staff at all these places are friendly, you’ll be leaving Ibiza with a smile on your face knowing you’ve had a great time with your companion in all these excellent places and we wouldn’t be surprised if you returned here in the future for another great day or two.


Liverpool is known by most people in this country for having one of the world’s most famous football clubs. Liverpool FC used to be one of the most dominant forces in world football but have struggled to keep that title in the past 20-25 years however are still one of the worlds most supported football clubs, this football club has struggled to produce players like it was it in its hay day with arguably in the last 10 years only having a handful of names to remember with players like Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres, Jamie Carragher to just name a few. This football club dates back to 1892 making it 123 years old which is crazy to think about.

If you are in the city of Liverpool for the first time then you going to want to experience some of the culture and establishments of the city, you would be stupid to not try some of the best restaurants in this city with it being littered with brilliant food establishments. Puschka is a great place to eat at in Liverpool, it serves some brilliantly original British cuisine that won’t leave you disappointed that’s for sure. The interior design is also very vibrant and in your face and a little different which some people take a liking to. This is the perfect place to be joined by one of the most gorgeous Liverpool escorts for some incredible food.

Liverpool is also a great place for accommodation and if you’re visiting the city then this is something your definitely going to need. One of the best hotels in this goes by the name of The Heywood House Hotel. This hotel is one of the best for its price you will struggle to find such luxury in the city of Liverpool for a better price. This is perfect to take Liverpool escorts for the night of your booking.


Four New Manchester Developments

Not a week seems to pass without a new major development for Manchester being announced. Now as the end of a fantastic year for Manchester approaches four developments have been announced included Manchester’s second tallest skyscraper. The skyline of Manchester is rapidly changing, its being transformed from an industrial city of Victorian warehouses and factories to a cosmopolitan hub graced with contemporary glass enclaved buildings and pioneering architectural structures. The first of four new structures is what will be the second tallest building in Manchester behind Beetham tower. On the cities River Street just off Mancunian way, a forty two storey tower designed by Ian Simpson, who also designed Beetham tower will built in mid-2016.

The building on the where it will stand has stood empty since 2005 when the original developer went bust and has since been used as a car park. The new structure will house four hundred and twenty apartments, restaurants, bars and leisure facilities. It is set to be an impressive structure whose luxurious apartments have already caught the imagination of the city’s most sensational ladies from Exclusive Company Manchester Escorts. With a number planning on buying one when it is finished. Next is a new mixed used development in the city’s Gay Village, Urban & Civic are planning to build on a site that has lain empty for over two decades and was originally supposed to be developed in 2007, but the idea was scrapped due to the financial crisis.

There will be 238 apartments, a four star hotel, commercial unis and a new public square, development will begin in next year with completion expected in 2018. The third development is to take place on the site of what was Boddingtons brewery. Again it’s initially development flopped due to the economic climate and it has stood as a carpark for a number of years. New plans have proposed to a mixed use site which will be fifty percent residential and the creation of a new neighbourhood. Standing next to Strangeways it is a gate to the city that has long been left neglected and the new plans will provide a boost to one of the most poverty stricken areas of the city. Finally is the next instalment to the First Street development where HOME arts centre, Innside Hotel and the first street office block stands. The second phase of development will include residential and students accommodation, office space and considerable retail and leisure space. There is no sign of the development of Manchester slowing down, London better watch its back.

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Suitable Locations To Take Your London Escort

London is littered with high class location that are suitable for you to take your beautiful London escort, if you love your food there are plenty of incredible food establishments in this affluent city. One of the restaurants that stands out is definitely the Hakkasan restaurant, this restaurant serves up arguably the most delicious Chinese cuisine in the whole of London. The restaurant is the perfect place for a date with the atmosphere being extremely relaxed and the staff here give this place a real warm and welcoming feel. This is the perfect restaurant to be joined by one of the most stunning London escorts for some incredible cuisine while indulging in each other’s company in the perfect setting.

A Great Selection of Hotels

A photograph of the exterior of the Berkeley Hotel
Berkeley hotel

London also some quality accommodation for visitors to utilize, one of the best hotels in this incredible city goes by the name of The Berkeley Hotel, this hotel is based in the city of Knightsbridge. If you are thinking of coming to this hotel to be accommodated then you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to rooms or suites, they have wide selection with all being incredibly luxurious and giving off one of the most relaxing vibes you will ever come across, its ideal to take a drop dead gorgeous London escort for the night of your dreams and better still all without interruption.

Nightlife in London

A photograph of the interior of Maggies Club
Maggies club

London has some incredible nightlife and some of the establishments are very exclusive which makes them perfect to take an escort to. One of the best is Maggies Club, this club is an 80’s themed club with a very funky design which really gives it the party vibe upon arrival, the club is named after former priminster Margret Thatcher. This is the perfect location to be accompanied by one of the most exquisite London escorts for a night of partying.

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Best Pubs in Mansfield

If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy a quiet relaxing drink in a homely venue in Mansfield it doesn’t get much better than the Oak Tree pub. This pub serves some brilliant food for the price charged you really do get more than your money’s worth. The staff at this establishment have been making a name for themselves when it comes to customer service, they really do work round the clock to make sure your stay with them is of the highest order. If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy the Rugby world cup then this is the place for you with this establishment showing all games live. This is the ideal location to be accompanied by one of the most stunning Mansfield escorts for a drink before venturing to a more private venue to enjoy the night of your dreams.

A picture of the exterior of the Oak Tree puc in Mansfield
Oak tree

Sir John Cockle

Another great pub in the Mansfield area goes by the name of Sir John Cockle, this pub is arguably the best in the area. If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy some incredible pub food then this pub is definitely the place you need to be, the food served here is second to none. This pub also holds events every week for the locals to indulge in or just have a good laugh, they have a karaoke night every week where you can have a good laugh and make an idiot out of yourself. This is the perfect place to take one of the most beautiful Mansfield escorts for a few pre-drinks.

A photograph of the exterior of the Sir John Cockle a pub in Mansfield
Sir John Cockle

The Swan

A brilliant pub in the heart of Mansfield is the Swan, this establishment is ideal for all the sports fans in the Mansfield area with this pub showing all key football games as well as the rugby world cup. This is ideal to take a gorgeous Mansfield escort.

A photograph of the outside area in front of a pub called Swan

Best Restaurants in Chelsea

The Gordon Ramsay restaurant located in Chelsea is about as high class as it gets. When attending this restaurant you really are made to feel like royalty from the décor to the way you are treated by staff this restaurant really does have everything. The staff at this establishment are of the highest order as you could imagine because nobody wants to get on Mr Ramsay’s bad side, but seriously the staff here really do go the extra mile when it comes to service and enthusiasm. The restaurant was established back in 1998 when Gordon Ramsay was just 31 years of age by 2001 the restaurant had gained three Michelin stars which all are retained to this day. This is the ideal location to be accompanied by one of the highest class Chelsea escorts.

gordon ramsay

Ricardo’s restaurant is a great place to visit if you happen to be in Chelsea looking for a place to dine. This restaurant serves some of the finest Italian cuisine in the whole of the capital city, London. This establishment is very original and is taking steps to improve unlike most other restaurants in the area, if you fancy some fine Italian cuisine without leaving your front door this is the place to be because this establishment offers the service of deliveries straight to your door. So why use a takeaway when you can have some of the finest food in the area in the comfort of your own home. This fine establishment would be ideal to be accompanied by one of the most stunning Chelsea escorts.

Riccardos Restaurant London www.jamesbedford.com
Riccardos Restaurant London www.jamesbedford.com

If neither of the above restaurants take your fancy why not try Kurobuta an original Japanese restaurant, it’s one of the best of its kind in the area. The staff at this restaurant really do make you feel welcome on the second of arrival and it doesn’t stop there, they are always on hand to make sure your meal with them is of the highest order. This would be the perfect spot to be accompanied by one of the most beautiful Chelsea escorts.


Mature Escorts

Some Men prefer older women and in the age of the internet it’s become a lot easier for these men to find beautiful mature women more specifically beautiful mature escorts. One of the most trusted and reliable sources to book one of the most stunning mature London escorts is Escorts of Enticement. You will find mature escorts of all shapes and sized which will make it easy to find the right one for you. All men know they have that one friends mother that is out of this world and fantasise about that usually starts the fantasising of mature women.

mature 1

Another reason men book mature escorts is they like the idea of laying back and being able to enjoy themselves with a confident experienced woman and not have to deal with a shy younger woman. Younger men order mature escorts because they have always fantasised about having a sexual encounter with an older woman but it’s not as simple as going out and finding yourself a mature woman, most women have settled down by this age making it incredibly difficult to find these mature stunning women because someone has got there before you.

mature 2

Younger guys who are inexperienced in the bedroom order a mature escort to be shown a trick or two, they are inexperienced making them not very confident however when dealing with a mature experienced escort they can relax and learn a thing or two from these beautiful mature women. Younger men who struggle with speaking to women might turn to a mature escort because they are very experienced and expert conversationalists making them perfect matches for these shy young men that struggle with their confidence. Most of the time a mature escort is booked it is either someone looking to fulfil their fantasy of being with a older woman or the man struggles with confidence and is looking for someone that is experienced in the bedroom and a expert conversationalists.

mature 3

Best Restaurants in Nottingham

Tamatanga is arguably the best place to enjoy Indian cuisine in the Nottingham area. This is one of the most critically acclaimed restaurants in the area, for good reason as well. The Indian cuisine served at this restaurant is a must try when visiting Nottingham, This restaurant hasn’t made a name for itself for just food the staff at this establishment really do go the extra mile to make sure your meal with them is perfection. This is the ideal place to take one of the most stunning Nottingham escorts for an impeccable meal.


tamatangaIf Indian cuisine isn’t really your taste then a great restaurant to try in Nottingham is Petit Paris. Petit Paris is primarily a French restaurant however the establishment also serves some Italian cuisine. No matter what you decide to order you are guaranteed to have a delicious meal. This establishment is the ideal location to be joined by one of the most beautiful Nottingham escorts for a brilliant meal. The restaurant has a subtle interior which makes for an even bigger surprise when your food comes out and is of the highest order which certainly doesn’t match the décor. This establishment serves a huge variety of drinks which include an incredible wine list.

petit paris

The Larder on Goosegate restaurant is one of the most elegant restaurants available in the Nottingham area. This restaurant only opened in 2006 and ever since then has really making a name for itself ever since and continues to make a name for itself to this day. This establishment serves mainly British dishes however they are all impeccable and a must try if you’re in the Nottingham area. One of the other reasons this restaurant has made a name for itself is their careful selection of staff, all of which are brilliant at their job they give the restaurant a welcoming feel and work non-stop to make sure your meal with them is one to enjoy. Ideal to be accompanied by one of the most eye-catching Nottingham escorts for a delicious meal.

larder on goosegate


Best London Escort Directories

One of the best London Escort Directories is named London Escort Guide. You will find some of the most stunning girls available in London for you to enjoy a night of your dreams with, this site features some of the highest class agencies in London as well as having listings of independent escorts all of which are stunning. There is so much choice you won’t know what to do with yourself however this site is easily navigated which makes it perfect to find the exact type of girl you’re looking for.

london escort directory

The Escort Directory is up there with the best of all London escort directories. Again you will find some of the most stunning girls in London here, this site however is not as easy to navigate. You can search by area to find your perfect escort however you will find a lot of results which is extremely hard to find your perfect match with hundreds of beautiful women appearing in most populated areas. The Escort Directory is without doubt up there with the best escort directory sites for London Escorts. This site only features independent escorts.

escort directory

Escort Guide isn’t one of the most great looking sites but it makes up for its looks by how easy this site is to navigate and find exactly what you’re looking for. This site has a wide variety of escorts, with mature escorts as well as young escorts and that’s not mentioning the variety of shapes and sizes of escorts to choose from. When viewing a girls profile you like the look of you will be able to make a decision whether she is the match for you with the site displaying what the girls are into if the list matches up to yours you know you’ve found your girl.

london escort guide

London Punt is arguably the best London escort directory the web has to offer and you can listed for free today by visiting http://www.londonpunt.co.uk. On this site you will find some of the most beautiful girls available in the London area, this site has listings of both independent escorts and agencies however all girls found here are stunning! When clicking on a selected escorts profile you are bombarded with information, you couldn’t ask for more you can make a calculated decision when visiting this site due to the amount of information given on each and every profile.

london punt

Events In London In August

One of the most breath-taking events held in august is the Red Bull air racing world championship. This really is a sight to be seen, this event has been taking place for 12 years now. To witness these adrenaline junkies otherwise known as pilots flying these planes which are producing up to 10 times the force of gravity or 10G really is breath-taking. These planes can reach up to a whopping 265 miles per hour and are highly maneuverable also being able to pull up into a vertical orientation with very little effort which can’t even be matched by the military jets of today. This is one of the best days out available in the London area in this time of year.

red bull

The Notting Hill carnival is the biggest street party in Europe so you know you’re guaranteed an incredible experience when attending. The carnival originated in 1964 and was for Caribbean communities to celebrate their culture and backgrounds. The roots of the carnival come from Trinidad the tradition was to celebrate the abolishment of slavery in the early 19th century. The very first carnival was an attempt to showcase a steel band musicians who played in earl’s court, they paraded the streets of Notting Hill and surprisingly drew black residents onto the streets reminding them of their days in the Caribbean.


The BBC Proms is held every year over a 8 week period of classical music day in day out. The event has been held since the 10th August 1895 and has a rich history of many great classical composers performing here. Some of these concerts are televised coming to channels such as BBC Four, BBC Two and BBC One you can also listen to them on BBC Radio 3. This is the ideal location to be accompanied by a gorgeous Casino London Models escort. This is an incredible London escort agency with an extensive range of sexy London escorts.

bbc proms