Spending a Night Out with a Newcastle Escort

Newcastle is quite the popular destination for people who want to have a good night out, so why not spend that night out with one of the gorgeous Newcastle escorts, here is a few bars favorited by the Newcastle escorts;

Tokyo Newcastle 

A favourite of the Newcastle escorts because it’s a real cocktail party bar, Tokyo is a fine establishment that was created over a decade ago and has reformed a new era for cutting edge cocktails that have quite the taste to them, they can make you anything on the menu plus if you have a recipe they can have an attempt to make it and another great thing about this establishment is it’s really close to the central station, the Newcastle escorts really do admire this bar and it would definitely impress them if you brought them here. 17 Westgate Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1SE

Pitcher & Piano 

A favourite of most the locals due to being straight after the millennium bridge the Newcastle escorts meet quite a few clients here for a drink or two so it would give you quite the impression upon them, you can have a light delicious meal at the Pitcher & Piano and maybe a few glasses on wine as well it’s up to you as this establishment serves all kinds of guests and at the end of their time here they don’t leave unhappy. 108 Quayside, Newcastle, NE1 3DX


When the Newcastle escorts get invited to Perdu they know they’re in for quite a night as Perdu contains cocktails and DJ’s and when these two are put together you know a night of madness is befit in front of you, an absolutely outstanding establishment that continues to wow every young adult with its great atmosphere and music. 20-20A Collingwood St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1JF

How’s your night going to improve?

All it can ever do with one of the stunning Newcastle escorts is improve, these girls dress outstandingly and look perfect, furthermore they arrive on time every time and literally respect anyone who takes them on a night out somewhere as they’re usually busy somewhere else.




Chelsea’s Highest Class Locations

Anyone in the know will know the city of Chelsea is arguably the highest class city you will find anywhere in the country never mind London. This city is home to some of the world’s most famous faces and better yet also home to some of the country’s highest class establishments which makes for one of the best places to visit inside of the UK if you love to indulge in the best of the best while taking a break. This city is also starting to become known as the home of the highest class Chelsea escorts, this escorts that operate in this city are some of the most beautiful women in the entire of London.

The reason this city has some of the most incredible establishments is the simple fact the residents in this city are some of the richest people in the entire UK. When visiting this city it is advised that you stay for a few days so really get to experience what this city has to offer, if you fit the mould of people who love to indulge in the best of the best no matter what that may be and also love to be made feel like royalty then you will love some of the establishments this city has to offer. If you love quality food then you should try the Chelsea Riverside Brasserie restaurant with the design of this restaurant you can tell this place is very special and then you will be served some of the best food you will find anywhere in the city and better yet why not enjoy the delicious food served here with Chelsea escorts.

chelsea riverside

Chelsea also has some brilliant nightlife that a lot of people visiting this city will be very interested in. If you love to party in the highest class of establishments then you should try the Raffles Chelsea, this nightclub is a members only club so if you want to enjoy one of the finer nightclubs in this city you will have to become a member but being joined by one of the most stunning Chelsea escorts will make a lot of heads turn from the moment you walk inside this establishment.

chelsea raffles


Best Restaurants in Nottingham

Nottingham is one of the biggest cities in the Midlands and is quite the popular one at that, so here is a short list of the best restaurants in Nottingham;

Loch Fyne 

Right in the heart of the city Loch Fyne is known as one of Nottingham’s favourite dining specialties and serves mostly seafood but has a few vegetarian and meaty options, most of the locals like to come here during the day and have an oyster or two with a glass zesty wine before they go back to work or do something entirely different, it’s also close to the theatre which is great for tourists. 17 King Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG1 2AY

World Service 

Uniquely housed in a 17th century house and is Nottingham’s premier fine dining restaurant it can be found in AA, good food and Michelin guide, the menus here change daily due to what ingredients the chefs can get in which is a nice surprise for the locals and not to mention it serves great British food freshly crafted with brilliance, World Service also has a lounge bar with an extensive collection of cocktails and other great drinks. Newdigate House, Castlegate, Nottingham NG1 6AF

Le Mistral 

One of the best French Restaurants in the Midlands le Mistral has a huge reputation for fine dining, being a French styled bistro it has an extensive food menu with fresh ingredients and including certain days where it has fish nights, steaks nights and much more, the drinks menu here is also very extensive and compliments its wonderful menu with fine French wines and bubbly champagnes with over 70 different varieties. Eldon Chambers 2-3 Wheeler gate, Nottingham NG1 2NS

Nottingham Escorts 

Nottingham is a big city and has a great amount of beautiful women but the Nottingham escorts are the most beautiful, being the best of the best at their profession as well as the most gorgeous and beautiful in all aspects you cannot lose by choosing one of these stunning girls for a night out, take them to one of these aforementioned restaurants to really impress or maybe back to your places for a night of fun.


Best Hotels in Mayfair

Mayfair being quite a bustling and affluent district of London you might find a fair few hotels here, but I’m making a list of the best and why they’re the best;

The Beaumont 

The Beaumont is one of the most lavish and luxurious hotels with an excellent reputation for elegance, with 73 rooms of pure luxury with 2 bars and 2 restaurants for fine dining and hearty drinking there is no room for doubt only awe at this wonderful establishment, anyone staying here for a night or two will be amazed at the service and luxury they’ll be living in. The Beaumont, Brown Hart Gardens, Mayfair, London W1K 6TF

Browns Hotel 

Made up of 11 Georgian town houses this gem is located in Mayfair and most of its distinguished guests have been presidents and Prime ministers, Browns has 2 restaurants and a bar that have each won awards for excellence, the décor of this hotel is luxurious beyond belief and is said to be understated which explains a lot since everyone that visit here are impressed but there aren’t many who get the chance to because it’s so popular with the more financially well of people. Albemarle Street, Mayfair, London W1S 4BP


Claridge’s another great hotel with nothing but elegance and audacious luxury, with each room being individually designed there is no expense spared here as it showers you with a grand impression that nothing else can compare, food here is impeccable and to come across more fine dining is hard to come by as everything is freshly prepared for you no matter where or when you dine, they also have another treat which is a health club and spa for you healthy folk. Brook Street, Mayfair, London W1K 4HR

Mayfair Escorts Lindsay

Mayfair being quite the affluent area you can imagine it has an abundance of beautiful and the Mayfair escorts are the best of them all, these girls are the best of the best being beautifully stunning that no one else can compare with and are here 24/7 at your expense, why don’t you turn a night of calm into a wild night of seduction.

Peter pan statue in the Royal Gardens

Take your escort to the Kensington Gardens, a very Royal Park

Kensington is a district within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in west London. In the northeast of Kensington, you will find Kensington Gardens, one of the capitals eight royal parks, this once private land is now a public park, spanning 265 acres and offering millions of visitors including Kensington escorts every year a stunning floral landscape paradise to behold.

An aerial view of Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace is currently the home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, a stunning building steeped in history, Queen Victoria was born at Kensington palace and lived there until 1837, Diana Princess of Wales also resided here from 1981-1997. Parts of the home are open to the public, allowing a walk through the King’s State Apartment, the Queen’s State Apartment and also the gardens, offering a closer glimpse to the Royal Family.

Peter pan statue in the Royal Gardens

Perfect for the family is, Diana, Princess of Wales’ Memorial Playground. A wonderland playground for children to visit, where their imaginations can run wild in this fun adventure area, a huge wooden pirate ship takes centre stage and the fun can begin. With plenty of areas for parents to sit back and relax with the wonderful backdrop of greenery, children can be left to explore, with an area inspired by the stories of Peter Pan the playground encourages children to follow their imaginations and learn while they play!

An aerial view of Kensington Gardens

Kensington Gardens offers many memorial monuments for you to see on your visit with Kensington escorts, in the gardens you will find one of London’s most ornate monuments, The Albert Memorial, unveiled in 1872 this intricately  beautiful piece of artwork commemorates the death of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband, celebrating Victorian achievements and Prince Albert’s passions and interests.

The statue of Queen Victoria was designed by her daughter Princess Louise in 1893; the memorial showcases Queen Victoria in her coronation robes at the age of 18 and overlooks the Broad Walk outside Kensington Palace Gardens. Should a visit to Kensington be on a visitor’s agenda whilst staying in this plush location Exclusive Company London Escorts in Kensington will be delighted to show holidaymakers around this beautiful area?


What Is So Special About Brazilian Shemale Escorts in Bayswater

These shemale escorts in the city of Bayswater that are being supplied by companies like London Lady Boys are honestly breath-taking. These Brazilian shemale escorts Bayswater provides are some of the most beautiful escorts you will find anywhere in the capital city, these companions love nothing more than indulging in their clients company for hour on end. These shemale escorts are of the highest class so when you make a booking with one of Bayswater’s most incredible Brazilian shemale escorts some thought should go into where you are going to enjoy your booking because these escorts deserve to be treated right.

Bayswater has so many establishments in which would be perfect for you and your Brazilian shemale escorts Bayswater, most people would prefer to enjoy the company of these escorts in either a high class restaurant or one of Bayswater’s most luxurious hotels. One high class restaurant that would be ideal for you and your Brazilian shemale escorts in the city of Bayswater is named Masala Zone Bayswater, if you are a fan of Indian cuisine and you are in the area of Bayswater then this is without doubt the place you will enjoy the most. The environment here is very relaxed and ideal to enjoy some delicious cuisine with your stunning companion.

Maybe you fall under the type of person that enjoys to get to know your companion in more private surroundings, if this is the case then you are definitely going to want to try the luxurious hotels in the city of Bayswater. One of the city’s most luxurious hotels is the Hilton London Hyde Park Hotel, this hotel is one of the few 4 star establishments in the area. If you its luxury you are looking for then you are without doubt in the right place to enjoy the company of Brazilian shemale escorts Bayswater offers.


A Short History of Istanbul

Istanbul is a city steeped in a lot of history and spans thousands of years before the birth of Christ, so here is a short history of early Istanbul;

Prehistory and a little after 

It is thought that the first people to settle in Istanbul were the Thracians between the 13th and 11th centuries BC, later in the 7th century BC it was colonised by the Greeks but it fell to the Romans in 196 AD and was quickly renamed Byzantium until 330 AD when it was renamed Constantinople by the head of the Eastern Roman Empire Emperor Constantine.

The Muslim Conquest of Constantinople 

In 1453 the Ottoman Empire invaded on the 29th of May with a huge force of 300,000 troops, the commander of the Ottoman force was a young aspiring commander Mehmed the second and the Byzantine forces led by Constantine the eleventh, during the siege the Ottomans made several assaults but were repelled with heavy losses, after many frontal attacks and losses the Ottomans tried mining but again failed and due to two officers being captured all their mines were collapsed. On the final assault the Ottomans broke through a small wall and when the Byzantines concentrated their defence at that point, not moments after one of the gates was quickly subdued which instilled panic in the Byzantines and eventually the emperor was either killed leading a final charge or hanged himself this is not clear.

The Istanbul escorts 

One of the main things that we have to touch upon, the Istanbul women have been the pride and joy of that area for thousands of years and have always been sought after by other worldly men, however the Istanbul escorts are the most gorgeous and beautiful in all of Turkey being as intelligent as there beautiful figures, these girls are the best of the best at their profession being some of the most kind and seductive women in all of Turkey and many of their clientele return for more proving just how popular and high there reputation is for beauty and charisma.

Tatton Arms Manchester Restaurant

Top 10 places to take your Manchester escort for an evening meal

Going out for an evening meal in Manchester can be a hit and miss affair. Trying a new restaurant can turn out to be a mistake, the waters can almost be as treacherous as trying out a new escort. Plenty can go wrong. In order to mitigate the chances of you finding the perfect Manchester escort and then spoiling the evening by taking her to a terrible restaurant, this article is designed to enlighten you on where to take your lovely companion for a decent evening meal without all the fuss of researching and testing out menus for yourself.

A banner image from the Manchester Escort Agency Candy Shop Escorts.
Candy Shop Escorts – Manchester Escort Agency

When someone books an escort it could be for any number of reasons, some of which surprisingly don’t include sex. In my years as a customer and connoisseur of companions and escorts the world over, I’ve become less inclined towards bedroom proclivities and far more fond of going out for a nice meal with a pretty girl and making a memorable evening of it. Now that isn’t to say it won’t end in sex at my place because more often than not we do end up doing the naughty. Despite that, I initially book escorts to enjoy a relaxed evening and participate in some exquisite wine and dining.

Due to my common outings with gorgeous women and fine foods in Manchester, it appears I have become an expert on the subject. So if you want to take your escort out for some delicious eats, animated conversation and a generally classy evening, here are my top 10 places to take an escort for a meal in Manchester:

  1. Manchester HouseThis restaurant has only been around for a few years, and in that time I’ve only been for an 8-course dinner and the 15-course vegetarian. Both of these courses were absolutely delicious, courtesy of critically acclaimed chef Aiden Byrne. If you can book at the Chef’s table this is easily the finest place to eat in Manchester. I’m very fond of this new paradigm in fancy restaurants, watching your food being cooked is a brilliant idea and a great way to spark conversational topics. Manchester House is hands down my best place to impress and amaze, as I’m sure you will agree after eating there.Manchester house fancy restaurant
  2. TattuIf you are fond of Chinese food like me, look no further. Tattu is easily my favourite location for high-class oriental food. Although I would recommend this as a fine place to bring your escort to eat, I often stop by here for some Red Pepper Lamb Chops with friends and family. The establishment itself is beautiful, the brilliant interior design really makes eating here a pleasure.Inside Tattu, great Manchester restaurant
  3. RossoRosso is where I bring an escort to impress. Owned by football star Rio Ferdinand, the Italian food here borders on the divine. It’s not uncommon to see some celebrities out to eat here, and you know that’s a good sign for a restaurant. Rosso looks pretty fancy on the interior, but what surprises me the most about this place is when I see the bill. It’s always more affordable than I expect. You would think a haunt for celebrities would charge exorbitant prices.Entrance to Rosso, prestigious Manchester eatery
  4. VermilionThis magnificent establishment is one of the best Asian restaurants I have had the honour of dining at. With many extravagant and enticing Thai and Indian dishes to choose from, it’s a rare treat to eat at Vermilion. This is the place I go when I want to hear very audible ‘wows’ when the food arrives. Whatever you order is bound to look and taste like heaven.Vermilion Manchester restaurant interior
  5. Alexandros Greek RestaurantIt’s not often I get a good hankering for some Greek delicacy, but when I do it’s always satisfied at Alexandros. Don’t let their simple website and humble locale fool you, if you go in for some Mezes for two I am absolutely positive you will love it. My favourite part of eating here is the genuine authenticity of Greek food. I must have taken at least 5 escorts out to eat here, never heard a complaint! I recommend this place to everyone, it’s very affordable!Alexandros greek food Manchester
  6. Fazenda Rodizio Bar and GrillThis is a new addition to my list of agreeable eateries. I was initially brought here by one of my escorts as she insisted it’s some of the best barbeque grub she’d ever had. Despite me not having a spectrum of Brazilian grills to compare this to, I still thought the Fazenda Rodizio provided a rich initiation into eating various skewers of meat and couscous. I recommend this bar and grill to anyone who hasn’t tried this type of food before.Fazenda Rodizio Brazilian restaurant
  7. MyLahoreIf you’re in the market for a wide range of modern foods with great service and friendly staff, look no further than MyLahore. The best part about this restaurant is there’s enough variety for anyone picky here. That may not be a selling point to most people but when you have a fussy escort with allergies, then you’ll be rethinking your decision to go here. The combo platter is absolutely marvellous, but what really stands out is the divine desserts you can order.MyLahore great Manchester eatery
  8. Tatton Arms: You might think taking an escort to the pub is a little tacky, but just bear with me here. The Tatton Arms doesn’t operate like your standard pub. There’s no silly buy one get one free deal, just locally sourced food made by a brilliant chef. Honestly, if more pubs operated like this one they wouldn’t all be going out of business, seriously.Tatton Arms Manchester Restaurant
  9. Turtle BayThis Manchester restaurant deserves its place on the top 10 list not because of the rustic and downscale atmosphere, but because of the great selection of food available. Usually, no booking is necessary, so I always keep Turtle Bay as a backup if my other plans fall through. If you want to try a variety of cuisine you may not have seen before but you know is going to be delicious, grab an escort and bring her here!Turtle Bay great Manchester restaurant
  10. EvunaI thought it was absolutely reprehensible to have a list without my favourite tapas joint, so here she is! Evuna is my best location for Spanish food in Manchester. They tend to be quite busy so the stellar service you receive is very impressive. I recommend trying some of their seafood dishes, which are absolutely divine and worth every penny. I am quite fond of the interior too.Evuna top Manchester restaurant

Armed with this list and a couple of escorts, the possibilities for good eats are endless. I hope this article was useful to you, these restaurants have never let me down. If you decide to go eat at one of these places you’re guaranteed to have a decent evening meal. If you tried or are intending to try any of these restaurants I’d appreciate any time taken to leave us a comment on the affair! Thank you!


The 3 Best 5-star Hotels in Mayfair

Mayfair being a very affluent and popular area of London you can imagine there are a lot of people walking the streets and going out at night, while being here you’ll need a place to stay right? So here is a short list of the best hotels in Mayfair;


Claridge’s is an exquisite 5-star hotel located in the ever bustling district of Mayfair in London, as you walk in you can see the elegance and the luxury of this hotel as it is absolutely breath taking with first-class facilities and high-class luxury rooms at your expense, with 3 restaurants and 2 bars you say this is more like a small shopping centre than a hotel, the food and drinks in this hotel are extensive and are at such a high quality that you might think you’re being seduced by your own drink! Brook Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 4HR, United Kingdom

The Connaught 

The Connaught is another 5-star elegant hotel in Mayfair, every room in this fabulous hotel has been individually designed by Guy Oliver and the late David Collins giving it quite the exquisite finish which leaves you in absolute awe and wonder, with 4 restaurants and 2 bars with both excellently chosen menus to fit the atmosphere of the different rooms and with service that leaves you thinking you’re a king or queen you cannot fault anything wrong in these hotels. The Connaught, Carlos Place, Mayfair, London W1K 2AL, United Kingdom.

Brown Hotel 

Another hotel glittering with absolute elegance, the Brown first opened its grandiose doors in 1837 and has continued to be in business to this day, with 2 restaurants and a bar that screams luxury at you like a lion you can just imagine the company that this hotel would keep 150 years ago being the most high-class and aristocratic of that era. Albemarle Street, London, W1S 4BP, United Kingdom

Mayfair escorts

In Mayfair it is extremely easy to hire one of the beautiful Mayfair Escorts, these girls are the best of the best in their profession and are intelligent as they’re gorgeous as they know how to please a man, so after your night is done and you’re both walking to one of these luxury hotels remember that you’ve impressed her and that she’ll impress you.

The inimitable attitude of the best 24 hour escorts in London

London is a city that doesn’t sleep these days, even though the 24-hour tube system hasn’t quite started working yet! It’s for this reason that there are so many 24 hour escorts in London. However, they don’t all have the best attitude. To get the best from your London escorts you need to book them from an agency who understands the best ones to represent…

And of course that’s us! Kind of obvious we were going to say that wasn’t it? But seriously for a moment, we really do look closely at the 24 hour London escorts we represent, in order to give you the best possible service for the best possible price. And one of the most important things we’ll always look for is a good attitude!

How do we measure the attitude of 24 hour escorts in London?

Well, to begin with we make sure that we meet every one that we represent. Sadly, there are agencies out there that are quick to populate their websites and list hundreds of girls they haven’t even met. This often leads to disappointed clients and frustrated agency owners. Suffice to say, these agencies don’t really last very long. This is the reason that our London escort agency is becoming increasingly more popular for those seeking 24 hour escorts. Of course you’ll have to try one of our girls to believe it!

What would you consider to be a valuable attribute for a 24-hour escort?

Well, we’re sure you all have your own ideas about what makes a good escort, but we won’t go into that here! Let’s look at what makes a good 24 hour escort:

  •         Availability. This is arguably the most important attribute obviously. However, it’s all very well and good waiting in for a call from your agency, but it’s entirely different to be truly ready. You’d be surprised at how many 24 hour escorts say they’re available and then choose to switch off their phone and go to sleep!
  •         Alert. And this brings us neatly onto the next important attribute. 24 hour escorts should ideally be alert! It does help to have a beautiful woman who isn’t tired and wanting to go off to sleep when she turns up to your hotel!
  •         Well rested. And you can only have an alert escort, ready for anything, when they’re well rested. Really good 24 hour escorts have to be disciplined and ensure that they have enough rest when they’re not escorting. No girl can be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week of course, they have to take time off. But it’s what they do with their time off that makes them the better escort when they’re ready for clients!

Rest assured that all the 24 hour escort we have available to you; all meet these criteria. When you’re looking for an escort at any time of the day or night, you’re going to want to book from an agency you can trust. An agency that’s serious about representation and customer service!