Flying on Planes

1471603285_staff_553_57b6e255c85a1_tn-1There are two kinds of people in this world, those that love flying and walk off the plane looking like beautiful, put together models and then there are people like me. I hate flying. I absolutely hate it with a passion. Not only am I scared the plane is going to crash but I also think airplanes are designed to be uncomfortable. I don’t understand what kind of evil human being designed seats that are somehow too bulky and also too small and that never leave space for anything like legs, no matter how short you are.

However, if you’re like me then you know flying isn’t an option but a necessity for work. So I’ve spent a long time trying to figure out ways to make flying more enjoyable or at least less traumatic. Anything from pills, booze, chugging water (which I don’t recommend in case you have horrible turbulence and end up having to pee when the plane is shaking) and even silly devices which claim to make your trip a lot nicer (Spoiler warning: they don’t work).

What I figured out is that it’s not while you do on the plane that matters but what you do before or after, while you’re on land. Of all the things I’ve tried though there is only one that I recommend with my eyes closed to anyone: get a tantric massage London.


I got my first one in London after talking for hours with a girl at a bar and mentioning how nervous I was. She told me that I should try one to help me relax and maybe even sleep on the plane. I was desperate enough to try anything so I booked a massage before my next flight and the results were amazing. I wasn’t just able to sleep on the plane but when I got to my destination my body wasn’t as sore as it would have been otherwise.

Now every time I travel I book a massage before leaving and one just after I arrive so any discomfort from the hellish airplane seats can be taken care of and promptly forgotten… until my next trip anyway.