Spending a Night Out with a Newcastle Escort

Newcastle is quite the popular destination for people who want to have a good night out, so why not spend that night out with one of the gorgeous Newcastle escorts, here is a few bars favorited by the Newcastle escorts;

Tokyo Newcastle 

A favourite of the Newcastle escorts because it’s a real cocktail party bar, Tokyo is a fine establishment that was created over a decade ago and has reformed a new era for cutting edge cocktails that have quite the taste to them, they can make you anything on the menu plus if you have a recipe they can have an attempt to make it and another great thing about this establishment is it’s really close to the central station, the Newcastle escorts really do admire this bar and it would definitely impress them if you brought them here. 17 Westgate Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1SE

Pitcher & Piano 

A favourite of most the locals due to being straight after the millennium bridge the Newcastle escorts meet quite a few clients here for a drink or two so it would give you quite the impression upon them, you can have a light delicious meal at the Pitcher & Piano and maybe a few glasses on wine as well it’s up to you as this establishment serves all kinds of guests and at the end of their time here they don’t leave unhappy. 108 Quayside, Newcastle, NE1 3DX


When the Newcastle escorts get invited to Perdu they know they’re in for quite a night as Perdu contains cocktails and DJ’s and when these two are put together you know a night of madness is befit in front of you, an absolutely outstanding establishment that continues to wow every young adult with its great atmosphere and music. 20-20A Collingwood St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1JF

How’s your night going to improve?

All it can ever do with one of the stunning Newcastle escorts is improve, these girls dress outstandingly and look perfect, furthermore they arrive on time every time and literally respect anyone who takes them on a night out somewhere as they’re usually busy somewhere else.