Best Restaurants in Nottingham

Nottingham is one of the biggest cities in the Midlands and is quite the popular one at that, so here is a short list of the best restaurants in Nottingham;

Loch Fyne 

Right in the heart of the city Loch Fyne is known as one of Nottingham’s favourite dining specialties and serves mostly seafood but has a few vegetarian and meaty options, most of the locals like to come here during the day and have an oyster or two with a glass zesty wine before they go back to work or do something entirely different, it’s also close to the theatre which is great for tourists. 17 King Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG1 2AY

World Service 

Uniquely housed in a 17th century house and is Nottingham’s premier fine dining restaurant it can be found in AA, good food and Michelin guide, the menus here change daily due to what ingredients the chefs can get in which is a nice surprise for the locals and not to mention it serves great British food freshly crafted with brilliance, World Service also has a lounge bar with an extensive collection of cocktails and other great drinks. Newdigate House, Castlegate, Nottingham NG1 6AF

Le Mistral 

One of the best French Restaurants in the Midlands le Mistral has a huge reputation for fine dining, being a French styled bistro it has an extensive food menu with fresh ingredients and including certain days where it has fish nights, steaks nights and much more, the drinks menu here is also very extensive and compliments its wonderful menu with fine French wines and bubbly champagnes with over 70 different varieties. Eldon Chambers 2-3 Wheeler gate, Nottingham NG1 2NS

Nottingham Escorts 

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Best Pubs in Mansfield

If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy a quiet relaxing drink in a homely venue in Mansfield it doesn’t get much better than the Oak Tree pub. This pub serves some brilliant food for the price charged you really do get more than your money’s worth. The staff at this establishment have been making a name for themselves when it comes to customer service, they really do work round the clock to make sure your stay with them is of the highest order. If you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy the Rugby world cup then this is the place for you with this establishment showing all games live. This is the ideal location to be accompanied by one of the most stunning Mansfield escorts for a drink before venturing to a more private venue to enjoy the night of your dreams.

A picture of the exterior of the Oak Tree puc in Mansfield
Oak tree

Sir John Cockle

Another great pub in the Mansfield area goes by the name of Sir John Cockle, this pub is arguably the best in the area. If you are looking for somewhere to enjoy some incredible pub food then this pub is definitely the place you need to be, the food served here is second to none. This pub also holds events every week for the locals to indulge in or just have a good laugh, they have a karaoke night every week where you can have a good laugh and make an idiot out of yourself. This is the perfect place to take one of the most beautiful Mansfield escorts for a few pre-drinks.

A photograph of the exterior of the Sir John Cockle a pub in Mansfield
Sir John Cockle

The Swan

A brilliant pub in the heart of Mansfield is the Swan, this establishment is ideal for all the sports fans in the Mansfield area with this pub showing all key football games as well as the rugby world cup. This is ideal to take a gorgeous Mansfield escort.

A photograph of the outside area in front of a pub called Swan

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mature 3

Best Restaurants in Nottingham

Tamatanga is arguably the best place to enjoy Indian cuisine in the Nottingham area. This is one of the most critically acclaimed restaurants in the area, for good reason as well. The Indian cuisine served at this restaurant is a must try when visiting Nottingham, This restaurant hasn’t made a name for itself for just food the staff at this establishment really do go the extra mile to make sure your meal with them is perfection. This is the ideal place to take one of the most stunning Nottingham escorts for an impeccable meal.


tamatangaIf Indian cuisine isn’t really your taste then a great restaurant to try in Nottingham is Petit Paris. Petit Paris is primarily a French restaurant however the establishment also serves some Italian cuisine. No matter what you decide to order you are guaranteed to have a delicious meal. This establishment is the ideal location to be joined by one of the most beautiful Nottingham escorts for a brilliant meal. The restaurant has a subtle interior which makes for an even bigger surprise when your food comes out and is of the highest order which certainly doesn’t match the décor. This establishment serves a huge variety of drinks which include an incredible wine list.

petit paris

The Larder on Goosegate restaurant is one of the most elegant restaurants available in the Nottingham area. This restaurant only opened in 2006 and ever since then has really making a name for itself ever since and continues to make a name for itself to this day. This establishment serves mainly British dishes however they are all impeccable and a must try if you’re in the Nottingham area. One of the other reasons this restaurant has made a name for itself is their careful selection of staff, all of which are brilliant at their job they give the restaurant a welcoming feel and work non-stop to make sure your meal with them is one to enjoy. Ideal to be accompanied by one of the most eye-catching Nottingham escorts for a delicious meal.

larder on goosegate



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Last time I went out with one of the Nottingham escorts we visiting a great place called The Larder on Goosegate who offer amazing food in a great atmosphere and a perfect place for a romantic evening date!