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The Top hotels which feature the best restaurants in Manchester

With such a plethora of luxury four and five star hotels in Manchester it is indeed a difficult job to determine which of these top hotels feature the best restaurants in the city. Manchester is certainly awash with exclusive eateries and high end hotels but which establishment offers fine dining alongside fabulously luxurious accommodation… Here is the shortlist of contenders…


The French Manchester

The French at the Midland is a giant and a leader in the world of restaurants. It’s reputation precedes it and can boast that it was awarded Britain’s first Michelin Star, back in 1974. The restaurant has always maintained a pioneering prominence on the fine dining scene. With an opulent setting, combining contemporary and classic interior design and palatial chandeliers, the French is an undeniably stunning restaurant which lives up to its notoriety and stature. Whilst it has always produced exciting and innovative menus, it seems that since employing Simon Rogan, Michelin Starred executive chef, the French has been re-established, upped its game, and reinstated its former glory. Rogan is a talented and award winning chef who brings originality and a wealth of knowledge to the table, literally.

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Michael Caine’s restaurant Abode situated in the hotel of the same name is a beautiful restaurant situated on the lower level of the hotel and serves some of the finest European cuisine in the city. Executive Head Chef Robert Cox and his team produce award winning food including an a’la carte, a tasting and grazing menu and all ingredients are certain to have been sourced locally or regionally. The Champagne Bar within the restaurant is a particularly stunning and stylish bar which offers a sophisticated selection of vintage champagnes, fine wines, and delicious cocktails which are concocted by first class mixologists. The innovative menu, the carefully crafted wine list and the extravagant surroundings make Abode the perfect restaurant to experience whether you are a hotel resident or not.

Podium restaurant interior Manchester

The Podium restaurant is situated at the foot of the 200ft iconic Hilton hotel. Although the restaurant is chic and refined, it offers an informal setting which is both discreet yet casual. The restaurant prides itself on serving locally sourced produce and award winning Executive Chef David Gale is at the forefront of the foodie scene in Manchester. Before settling down to a sumptuous lunch or dinner, it is advisable to have a pre-dinner drink or two in the hotel’s wonderful Cloud 23 bar which boasts panoramic views of the city. The restaurant and bar is hugely popular with both hotel guests and locals alike so be sure to book in advance. Definitely a good place to book a table if you’re planning a Manchester outcall excursion with some reputed adult entertainment.

Opus One interior Manchester

Another big contender in the city is Opus One, a lively and popular restaurant located in the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel. The building was formerly the Free Trade Hall which historically was once the home of the Halle Orchestra and the key conference centre for legendary political philosophers such as Gladstone, Lloyd George, and Disraeli. Opus One is a cool, cultivated, and chic restaurant serving an array of Modern British cuisine in a setting which is sexy, luxurious and lavish. With super high ceilings, red velvet walls and bespoke black crocodile soft furnishings, Opus is a glamorous and theatrical retreat, a place to enjoy a romantic dinner or to meet friends for snacks and cocktails.

River Bar and Restaurant interior

Last but by no means least is  The River Bar and Restaurant which is located within the grand surroundings of The Lowry Hotel; a stunning restaurant in a Five Star setting overlooking the River Irwell. The hotel attracts the big names in business, show-business, and sport as it offers a prestigious and luxurious stay. The River Bar and Grill is one of the hottest restaurants in the city serving distinctive and delectable meat, fish and shellfish dishes. Head Chefs Andrew Wilkie and his team have designed a menu which is unique and inspirational and an evening spent in this top class establishment will be undoubtedly relished. This seductive environment is one of the city’s most celebrated spots and is a dining destination which is an absolute must.

Tatton Arms Manchester Restaurant

Top 10 places to take your Manchester escort for an evening meal

Going out for an evening meal in Manchester can be a hit and miss affair. Trying a new restaurant can turn out to be a mistake, the waters can almost be as treacherous as trying out a new escort. Plenty can go wrong. In order to mitigate the chances of you finding the perfect Manchester escort and then spoiling the evening by taking her to a terrible restaurant, this article is designed to enlighten you on where to take your lovely companion for a decent evening meal without all the fuss of researching and testing out menus for yourself.

A banner image from the Manchester Escort Agency Candy Shop Escorts.
Candy Shop Escorts – Manchester Escort Agency

When someone books an escort it could be for any number of reasons, some of which surprisingly don’t include sex. In my years as a customer and connoisseur of companions and escorts the world over, I’ve become less inclined towards bedroom proclivities and far more fond of going out for a nice meal with a pretty girl and making a memorable evening of it. Now that isn’t to say it won’t end in sex at my place because more often than not we do end up doing the naughty. Despite that, I initially book escorts to enjoy a relaxed evening and participate in some exquisite wine and dining.

Due to my common outings with gorgeous women and fine foods in Manchester, it appears I have become an expert on the subject. So if you want to take your escort out for some delicious eats, animated conversation and a generally classy evening, here are my top 10 places to take an escort for a meal in Manchester:

  1. Manchester HouseThis restaurant has only been around for a few years, and in that time I’ve only been for an 8-course dinner and the 15-course vegetarian. Both of these courses were absolutely delicious, courtesy of critically acclaimed chef Aiden Byrne. If you can book at the Chef’s table this is easily the finest place to eat in Manchester. I’m very fond of this new paradigm in fancy restaurants, watching your food being cooked is a brilliant idea and a great way to spark conversational topics. Manchester House is hands down my best place to impress and amaze, as I’m sure you will agree after eating there.Manchester house fancy restaurant
  2. TattuIf you are fond of Chinese food like me, look no further. Tattu is easily my favourite location for high-class oriental food. Although I would recommend this as a fine place to bring your escort to eat, I often stop by here for some Red Pepper Lamb Chops with friends and family. The establishment itself is beautiful, the brilliant interior design really makes eating here a pleasure.Inside Tattu, great Manchester restaurant
  3. RossoRosso is where I bring an escort to impress. Owned by football star Rio Ferdinand, the Italian food here borders on the divine. It’s not uncommon to see some celebrities out to eat here, and you know that’s a good sign for a restaurant. Rosso looks pretty fancy on the interior, but what surprises me the most about this place is when I see the bill. It’s always more affordable than I expect. You would think a haunt for celebrities would charge exorbitant prices.Entrance to Rosso, prestigious Manchester eatery
  4. VermilionThis magnificent establishment is one of the best Asian restaurants I have had the honour of dining at. With many extravagant and enticing Thai and Indian dishes to choose from, it’s a rare treat to eat at Vermilion. This is the place I go when I want to hear very audible ‘wows’ when the food arrives. Whatever you order is bound to look and taste like heaven.Vermilion Manchester restaurant interior
  5. Alexandros Greek RestaurantIt’s not often I get a good hankering for some Greek delicacy, but when I do it’s always satisfied at Alexandros. Don’t let their simple website and humble locale fool you, if you go in for some Mezes for two I am absolutely positive you will love it. My favourite part of eating here is the genuine authenticity of Greek food. I must have taken at least 5 escorts out to eat here, never heard a complaint! I recommend this place to everyone, it’s very affordable!Alexandros greek food Manchester
  6. Fazenda Rodizio Bar and GrillThis is a new addition to my list of agreeable eateries. I was initially brought here by one of my escorts as she insisted it’s some of the best barbeque grub she’d ever had. Despite me not having a spectrum of Brazilian grills to compare this to, I still thought the Fazenda Rodizio provided a rich initiation into eating various skewers of meat and couscous. I recommend this bar and grill to anyone who hasn’t tried this type of food before.Fazenda Rodizio Brazilian restaurant
  7. MyLahoreIf you’re in the market for a wide range of modern foods with great service and friendly staff, look no further than MyLahore. The best part about this restaurant is there’s enough variety for anyone picky here. That may not be a selling point to most people but when you have a fussy escort with allergies, then you’ll be rethinking your decision to go here. The combo platter is absolutely marvellous, but what really stands out is the divine desserts you can order.MyLahore great Manchester eatery
  8. Tatton Arms: You might think taking an escort to the pub is a little tacky, but just bear with me here. The Tatton Arms doesn’t operate like your standard pub. There’s no silly buy one get one free deal, just locally sourced food made by a brilliant chef. Honestly, if more pubs operated like this one they wouldn’t all be going out of business, seriously.Tatton Arms Manchester Restaurant
  9. Turtle BayThis Manchester restaurant deserves its place on the top 10 list not because of the rustic and downscale atmosphere, but because of the great selection of food available. Usually, no booking is necessary, so I always keep Turtle Bay as a backup if my other plans fall through. If you want to try a variety of cuisine you may not have seen before but you know is going to be delicious, grab an escort and bring her here!Turtle Bay great Manchester restaurant
  10. EvunaI thought it was absolutely reprehensible to have a list without my favourite tapas joint, so here she is! Evuna is my best location for Spanish food in Manchester. They tend to be quite busy so the stellar service you receive is very impressive. I recommend trying some of their seafood dishes, which are absolutely divine and worth every penny. I am quite fond of the interior too.Evuna top Manchester restaurant

Armed with this list and a couple of escorts, the possibilities for good eats are endless. I hope this article was useful to you, these restaurants have never let me down. If you decide to go eat at one of these places you’re guaranteed to have a decent evening meal. If you tried or are intending to try any of these restaurants I’d appreciate any time taken to leave us a comment on the affair! Thank you!


Four New Manchester Developments

Not a week seems to pass without a new major development for Manchester being announced. Now as the end of a fantastic year for Manchester approaches four developments have been announced included Manchester’s second tallest skyscraper. The skyline of Manchester is rapidly changing, its being transformed from an industrial city of Victorian warehouses and factories to a cosmopolitan hub graced with contemporary glass enclaved buildings and pioneering architectural structures. The first of four new structures is what will be the second tallest building in Manchester behind Beetham tower. On the cities River Street just off Mancunian way, a forty two storey tower designed by Ian Simpson, who also designed Beetham tower will built in mid-2016.

The building on the where it will stand has stood empty since 2005 when the original developer went bust and has since been used as a car park. The new structure will house four hundred and twenty apartments, restaurants, bars and leisure facilities. It is set to be an impressive structure whose luxurious apartments have already caught the imagination of the city’s most sensational ladies from Exclusive Company Manchester Escorts. With a number planning on buying one when it is finished. Next is a new mixed used development in the city’s Gay Village, Urban & Civic are planning to build on a site that has lain empty for over two decades and was originally supposed to be developed in 2007, but the idea was scrapped due to the financial crisis.

There will be 238 apartments, a four star hotel, commercial unis and a new public square, development will begin in next year with completion expected in 2018. The third development is to take place on the site of what was Boddingtons brewery. Again it’s initially development flopped due to the economic climate and it has stood as a carpark for a number of years. New plans have proposed to a mixed use site which will be fifty percent residential and the creation of a new neighbourhood. Standing next to Strangeways it is a gate to the city that has long been left neglected and the new plans will provide a boost to one of the most poverty stricken areas of the city. Finally is the next instalment to the First Street development where HOME arts centre, Innside Hotel and the first street office block stands. The second phase of development will include residential and students accommodation, office space and considerable retail and leisure space. There is no sign of the development of Manchester slowing down, London better watch its back.