Liverpool is known by most people in this country for having one of the world’s most famous football clubs. Liverpool FC used to be one of the most dominant forces in world football but have struggled to keep that title in the past 20-25 years however are still one of the worlds most supported football clubs, this football club has struggled to produce players like it was it in its hay day with arguably in the last 10 years only having a handful of names to remember with players like Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres, Jamie Carragher to just name a few. This football club dates back to 1892 making it 123 years old which is crazy to think about.

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Liverpool is also a great place for accommodation and if you’re visiting the city then this is something your definitely going to need. One of the best hotels in this goes by the name of The Heywood House Hotel. This hotel is one of the best for its price you will struggle to find such luxury in the city of Liverpool for a better price. This is perfect to take Liverpool escorts for the night of your booking.