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Best Times to Visit Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the most historically interesting and romantic cities in the world, so I’m writing a little list together of when the best time is to go and why, if you’re thinking about when the Istanbul escorts will be around don’t worry they’re available all year round.


Spring is usually a prime time to visit Istanbul because there is a moderate amount of heat in Istanbul, which for many is nice enough especially we British folk which aren’t used to the heat, although it can be a little wet in places with some showers heading in. Unfortunatley this is the time of the year for extremely high prices because the flowers have just begun to bloom and are absolutely gorgeous therefore attracting many tourists and travellers.


Summer in Istanbul is absolutely boiling and finding shade is a priority, although it is usually rains less and this attracts a lot of the younger generation to party and seek the Istanbul escorts which is a must do any time of year. Istanbul is quite the bargain this time of year and has less tourists so you’re not going to be waiting much time at the bazaars and such.


Autumn has mostly mild weather with a few rainy spells heading its way, unfortunately the days are shorter but for you guys and gals that enjoy a good night time drink. This time of year also attracts many tourists due its mild weather so many hotels are booked and you’ll find quite a few higher prices in places like restaurants and landmarks.


Winter can be quite chilly and rainy but with low prices in most places it seems like quite the steal in winter, with fewer crowds and less tourists due to the Christmas period approaching winter is usually ideal for those smart tourists.

Istanbul escorts 

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A Short History of Istanbul

Istanbul is a city steeped in a lot of history and spans thousands of years before the birth of Christ, so here is a short history of early Istanbul;

Prehistory and a little after 

It is thought that the first people to settle in Istanbul were the Thracians between the 13th and 11th centuries BC, later in the 7th century BC it was colonised by the Greeks but it fell to the Romans in 196 AD and was quickly renamed Byzantium until 330 AD when it was renamed Constantinople by the head of the Eastern Roman Empire Emperor Constantine.

The Muslim Conquest of Constantinople 

In 1453 the Ottoman Empire invaded on the 29th of May with a huge force of 300,000 troops, the commander of the Ottoman force was a young aspiring commander Mehmed the second and the Byzantine forces led by Constantine the eleventh, during the siege the Ottomans made several assaults but were repelled with heavy losses, after many frontal attacks and losses the Ottomans tried mining but again failed and due to two officers being captured all their mines were collapsed. On the final assault the Ottomans broke through a small wall and when the Byzantines concentrated their defence at that point, not moments after one of the gates was quickly subdued which instilled panic in the Byzantines and eventually the emperor was either killed leading a final charge or hanged himself this is not clear.

The Istanbul escorts 

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