Where to take your companion

Welcome to our Ibiza escorts page, where we pride ourselves in knowing that we have the best escorts in Ibiza, the escorts in Ibiza are some of the highest class in the area and we know for a fact you’ll return.

There are many locations in Ibiza to have fun and most of them are in bars and clubs as they’re what people go for, one of the best places to bring your companion to go clubbing would be Amnesia which is quite highly rated as one of the best clubs in Ibiza as it has been opened since the 1950’s and is now one of the most popular modern clubbing venues on Ibiza as the venue is absolutely huge and can fit hundreds of people at once. 

If you’re done with clubbing for a little bit and want to get something to eat then we suggest Atzaro as it is one of the most busiest restaurants in Ibiza and it’s food concentrate on well-being so it’s mostly vegetarian with a mixture of some meats for flavour, the décor is very Spanish styled with a very comfy and fancy Mediterranean look to it, it’s also a hotel so an afternoon siesta might be a good call. 

After the night has died down and you and your companion are feeling a little tired of clubbing and you’ve saved enough energy for the bedroom try the Hotel Garbi in Ibiza as this hotel has a lot to offer whether it be a great room for the night or the other facilities like the spa, bar, restaurant, pool and much more this is a great place to take the night off with. 

We can promise that all these places in Ibiza are exquisite when visiting with your companion as the staff at all these places are friendly, you’ll be leaving Ibiza with a smile on your face knowing you’ve had a great time with your companion in all these excellent places and we wouldn’t be surprised if you returned here in the future for another great day or two.