Minx Massage in Mayfair

Being shy is one of the reasons that many people come to tantric massages from agencies like Minx (available at http://minxmassage.com/our_locations/mayfair/25). There are indeed plenty of reasons that range from physical problems to simple boredom but many men are actually scared of their shyness. Maybe it’s because they are expected to be outgoing, to be the one who asks the girl out, to be the one to do everything first and to do it with confidence and have it be flawlessly executed. In our society shyness has become a symbol of weakness and a symbol of sensitivity and none of these things are associated with masculinity.

So, when a man comes for a tantric massage in Mayfair and wants us to deal with his shyness a lot of times we have to explain that shyness isn’t a problem. In fact, a shy man is the same as a shy woman, someone simply not as outgoing as some other people and that’s not a bad thing. You don’t need to fit a mold to be sexy; you don’t need to be the life of the part or the hippest guy in the club. What you need to be is daring and to have a little courage every now and then. Tantric massages are wonderful for shy men because they get to experience their bodies in ways they didn’t know they could. They learn that their shyness is not a symptom of something bad and to use it for their benefit when they feel like they want to pursue a woman and shyness in bed can be dealt with simply by relaxing. If a man feels relaxed enough around a woman then he can let himself enjoy the moment even if he is shy.

Shyness is not something tantric massages take from a person but something that a tantric masseuse teaches their client to use to their advantage and to milk for all its worth. Sometimes the shy and mysterious guy stands out way more than just another one of the bunch.

Flying on Planes

1471603285_staff_553_57b6e255c85a1_tn-1There are two kinds of people in this world, those that love flying and walk off the plane looking like beautiful, put together models and then there are people like me. I hate flying. I absolutely hate it with a passion. Not only am I scared the plane is going to crash but I also think airplanes are designed to be uncomfortable. I don’t understand what kind of evil human being designed seats that are somehow too bulky and also too small and that never leave space for anything like legs, no matter how short you are.

However, if you’re like me then you know flying isn’t an option but a necessity for work. So I’ve spent a long time trying to figure out ways to make flying more enjoyable or at least less traumatic. Anything from pills, booze, chugging water (which I don’t recommend in case you have horrible turbulence and end up having to pee when the plane is shaking) and even silly devices which claim to make your trip a lot nicer (Spoiler warning: they don’t work).

What I figured out is that it’s not while you do on the plane that matters but what you do before or after, while you’re on land. Of all the things I’ve tried though there is only one that I recommend with my eyes closed to anyone: get a tantric massage London.


I got my first one in London after talking for hours with a girl at a bar and mentioning how nervous I was. She told me that I should try one to help me relax and maybe even sleep on the plane. I was desperate enough to try anything so I booked a massage before my next flight and the results were amazing. I wasn’t just able to sleep on the plane but when I got to my destination my body wasn’t as sore as it would have been otherwise.

Now every time I travel I book a massage before leaving and one just after I arrive so any discomfort from the hellish airplane seats can be taken care of and promptly forgotten… until my next trip anyway.

How to Get Your Spouse on Board with Tantra

1468608125_staff_586_57892e7da0cb4_tnOne of the most common questions tantric masseuses get when they’re out of the job i show does one get their spouse on board with tantric massages, such as the ones which are offered by Bespoke Tantric (who can be found on their website at http://www.bespoketantricmassage.com).

Whether you’ve only heard of massages, were doing them before meeting your spouse or haven’t tried them but aren’t sure how your spouse will feel, one of the most important things to remember is that Tantra is an art of meditation where honesty with yourself and others is one of the most important things. Of course saying that and actually going up to someone you love and telling them you’re getting erotic massages as a meditation practice are completely different things. Still, it’s important to be honest but perhaps bringing it up slowly might be the best way to go. One of the things that you more likely want to express is that even though the massages are very sexy and exciting they are not about sexual intercourse and that the masseuse is not there just to please you physically but also to help you along in an emotional and thoughtful journey.

You can look for the history of Tantra online and even offer to bring your spouse along for a massage of their own or even a shared massage if that will make them more comfortable. Also, speak of the benefits of the massages, why you decided to get one in the first place and if there was a problem in the bedroom be honest on how that was negatively affecting you and your relationship.

As long as you accept the fact that your spouse might not be completely on board at first you’re more likely to be gentle with the way you bring things up. Remember to put yourself in their shoes and how you would feel hearing about these things. In the end Tantra is supposed to bring you closer together and not tear you apart so trust that your partner will understand your needs and that they will hopefully be on board after they see the true power of the journey you have decided to embark on.

Responsible Adults

1471603182_staff_537_57b6e1ee20a29_tnLike any responsible adult we’re used to doing things that we have to do. We wake up early, we eat mostly right and we go to work. Even when we’re feeling low, when we just want to stay in bed and do nothing but sleep we get up and go. We might be a couple of minutes late but we definitely show up. So why is it that we find it so hard to do the things we actually want to do? Why do we agonize and beat each other up over having a bit of pleasure in our lives? After so many hours spent thinking of how to go on you’d think that we’d earn a bit of solace for our tired mind and bodies. It’s that horrible guilt we feel because we’re taking time off to do something nice for ourselves. It’s that fear that we should be working, cleaning or doing something productive. But in reality, taking time to do something nice for our bodies is essential so that we can continue to trek on and be as efficient and effective as we can be. The more pleasurable the activity we do to unwind the better it will be in the long run for our mental wellbeing

If you’re still uncertain of spending time simply pigging out on chocolate cake while you binge watch Gilmore Girls then perhaps your activity needs to have some kind of goal behind it. Perhaps something that while soothing will have some benefit so that you can be at ease about spending the time doing it. Tantric massage London might be a great way to merge both what you want and what you need. Tantric massages manage to be something that is completely pleasure filled but also are good for your health and is qualified as a form of meditation. When getting a massage you won’t only feel good but you’ll aid your body get rid of toxins and your mind to clear up. You also can lose a couple of calories, depending on how involved your massage is. Whichever the case remember that you’re here for the pleasure but also getting some much needed benefits along the way and that is definitely a win/win.

Abode website image

The Top hotels which feature the best restaurants in Manchester

With such a plethora of luxury four and five star hotels in Manchester it is indeed a difficult job to determine which of these top hotels feature the best restaurants in the city. Manchester is certainly awash with exclusive eateries and high end hotels but which establishment offers fine dining alongside fabulously luxurious accommodation… Here is the shortlist of contenders…


The French Manchester

The French at the Midland is a giant and a leader in the world of restaurants. It’s reputation precedes it and can boast that it was awarded Britain’s first Michelin Star, back in 1974. The restaurant has always maintained a pioneering prominence on the fine dining scene. With an opulent setting, combining contemporary and classic interior design and palatial chandeliers, the French is an undeniably stunning restaurant which lives up to its notoriety and stature. Whilst it has always produced exciting and innovative menus, it seems that since employing Simon Rogan, Michelin Starred executive chef, the French has been re-established, upped its game, and reinstated its former glory. Rogan is a talented and award winning chef who brings originality and a wealth of knowledge to the table, literally.

Abode website image

Michael Caine’s restaurant Abode situated in the hotel of the same name is a beautiful restaurant situated on the lower level of the hotel and serves some of the finest European cuisine in the city. Executive Head Chef Robert Cox and his team produce award winning food including an a’la carte, a tasting and grazing menu and all ingredients are certain to have been sourced locally or regionally. The Champagne Bar within the restaurant is a particularly stunning and stylish bar which offers a sophisticated selection of vintage champagnes, fine wines, and delicious cocktails which are concocted by first class mixologists. The innovative menu, the carefully crafted wine list and the extravagant surroundings make Abode the perfect restaurant to experience whether you are a hotel resident or not.

Podium restaurant interior Manchester

The Podium restaurant is situated at the foot of the 200ft iconic Hilton hotel. Although the restaurant is chic and refined, it offers an informal setting which is both discreet yet casual. The restaurant prides itself on serving locally sourced produce and award winning Executive Chef David Gale is at the forefront of the foodie scene in Manchester. Before settling down to a sumptuous lunch or dinner, it is advisable to have a pre-dinner drink or two in the hotel’s wonderful Cloud 23 bar which boasts panoramic views of the city. The restaurant and bar is hugely popular with both hotel guests and locals alike so be sure to book in advance. Definitely a good place to book a table if you’re planning a Manchester outcall excursion with some reputed adult entertainment.

Opus One interior Manchester

Another big contender in the city is Opus One, a lively and popular restaurant located in the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel. The building was formerly the Free Trade Hall which historically was once the home of the Halle Orchestra and the key conference centre for legendary political philosophers such as Gladstone, Lloyd George, and Disraeli. Opus One is a cool, cultivated, and chic restaurant serving an array of Modern British cuisine in a setting which is sexy, luxurious and lavish. With super high ceilings, red velvet walls and bespoke black crocodile soft furnishings, Opus is a glamorous and theatrical retreat, a place to enjoy a romantic dinner or to meet friends for snacks and cocktails.

River Bar and Restaurant interior

Last but by no means least is  The River Bar and Restaurant which is located within the grand surroundings of The Lowry Hotel; a stunning restaurant in a Five Star setting overlooking the River Irwell. The hotel attracts the big names in business, show-business, and sport as it offers a prestigious and luxurious stay. The River Bar and Grill is one of the hottest restaurants in the city serving distinctive and delectable meat, fish and shellfish dishes. Head Chefs Andrew Wilkie and his team have designed a menu which is unique and inspirational and an evening spent in this top class establishment will be undoubtedly relished. This seductive environment is one of the city’s most celebrated spots and is a dining destination which is an absolute must.

Fun and thrilling escort services in the South East: Surrey

Welcome to Surrey, a county in the South East of England. You will find that Surrey is a wealthy county and is very close to Heathrow and Gatwick. The wealth is perfect for the famous sports associated with Surrey, look at Epsom for Racing and Cricket, Rugby and even basketball.

Photo of footballer Zidane in Surrey
Photograph taken when Zidane, football superstar visited Surrey.

Indeed, the Surrey area has a remarkable proclivity for sports, just see the Active Surrey website and you can quickly learn how much the locals love to play. But what if you are more carnally inclined, and you want to experience the more adult side of Surrey’s entertainment?

Escorts in Surrey

We have exclusive, very important escorts to accompany you whilst you are staying in the area of Surrey. Our beautiful VIP Angels will fit into any setting that you are in. All you have to do is call 07956225796 or have a look at the VIP website http://www.angels-escorts.com.

Armani, one of the lovely ladies available for bookings at Angels-Escorts.

Imagine having a perfect evening with an attractive woman, what type of woman would be your choice? Would it be a voluptuous blonde with green eyes and an Italian accent, wearing a couture dress and Cristian Louboutin heels, with the smell of Creed perfume on her delicate neck? Or perhaps a stunning brunette with her dark chocolate eyes and petite size 6 figure with an ass so pert that you could balance a brilliant cut diamond off it?

Brunette companion Christina, Surrey call girl at Angels-Escorts.

Now back to your imagination and what you want from your Angel of the night, where do you want to go and what do you want to do? Perhaps you would like to rest your head on some fine duck feather pillows in a hotel in one of the finest country hotels in the manor, look at Pennyhill Park, an exclusive hotel and spa in Bagshot. Fancy a spot of golf- this hotel has a 9-hole golf course and with Windsor Castle nearby you will have places to visit if you choose to stray away from the golf course.

Why not call us and describe your perfect evening and what you really want to do and who you really want to do it with, relax your body and think about how we can ease your stresses away.

How about a relaxing massage from top to toe, lay down and feel the hands of your Angel and Tahitian massage oil engulf your body with the exotic smells of the east. We know how to release your stress and make you feel like you’re the only person in the room, the only person in the country and world.

Relax Before an Event

There are so many events in your life as an adult that it starts to seem a little draining after a while. It’s not that socializing isn’t fun or that you don’t thumbnail-6love seeing your friends and family together. But the truth is that events can be quite taxing for the simple fact that we have to get dressed, show up, and look nice when sometimes we feel like we just want to close the blinds and basically not get out of bed before 1:00 pm. Ife in general is tiring and then come weddings, baby showers, birthday parties and even business events where you have fun and yet don’t rest. So if you need a breather and a good night’s sleep why not book a tantric massage from London Tantric before or after an event?

Seriously, whichever you want is a great way to either get some energy or let the natural hormones your body will produce so you can drift off for a while. These massages also help you with any pain you might be experiencing so getting one the night before a big event will actually help you the morning after to wake up with a nice glow that goes great with any outfit. Not only will you feel relaxed and happy but you’ll also feel attractive. Yes, tantric massages actually are proven to make you feel much better about yourself than you did the day before getting them. This is due to the release of oxytocin which helps your overall sense of wellbeing.

That boost in confidence will surely not go unnoticed by friends and coworkers as you will have uncovered the secret of walking into a room and having everyone look your way. But, again, if you much rather have the massage after the parties and simply sleep in the next morning that’s a wonderful idea to spend the night and even a cheeky way to spend the night after yet another wedding… so what if you’re single and your friends are getting married? That doesn’t have to mean a death sentence and in fact it opens your night up to the joys of sexy cheeky fun.


For a city that is so well known there are so many things you could do in London right now that you had no idea. It’s just crawling wall to wall with LTL1little secrets and sexy little activities for you to try. From pubs that will only open if the owner knows you to places named after rather deviant festivals. It’s a wonderful town to explore and to get a little kinky with. The drag queen scene is fantastic and you can even book a few shows in advanced or just walk into to one. You’ll have a laugh and see those famous faces that are oh-so-dignified be made gentle fun off and brought to life in fun and ridiculous ways. If you’ve ever seen the drag scene in The United States trust us, the brits do it best.

You, of course, could swing by the many, many night clubs in the main city or the outskirts. Some are, of course, more posh than others but one thing you might not think of doing if you’re not from London is spending the night at a pub simply listening to music and drinking. These places come with a lot of character and have seen many music legends come through and will always have the walls crawling with pictures, anecdotes and if you’re lucky you might even get to see a celebrity or two looking for some down time. But don’t be fooled by these rustic and charming places as they pack a punch. You come here to get drunk! The difference is you can actually hear each other through the music and you can sing along with old buddies or even make new ones.

Finally there’s the sexier side of town where you can catch a strip show, even take a class, or experience a sultry sensual massage from Love Tantric. These activities are definitely not for the faint of heart and will bring a whole new outlook to the city. They’re sexy, exciting and completely available to you at any time of day and whether you’re in central London or not. So take a chance and do something new and exciting in London, the place is just filled with naughty little surprises.

Escort Paris

Night Out With an Escort Paris

Paris is a beautiful city with much to see and much to do, to top it off why not book an escort Paris as one of the best Paris escorts is Eve. You’ll find out that Paris is full of great bars, restaurants and music venues that are available for your treat to Eve the escort in Paris, so here is a short blog on a night out with an escort Paris;

Starting Off Your Night

The best way to start off your night with your escort Paris is to start via an exquisite meal in one of Paris’s stunning restaurants. Not only will she arrive in the most lavish clothing but Eve will absolutely shock you with her true and real desire to be with you, as she constantly compliments you and boost your ego throughout the night you’ll realise that she is one of the most attractive independent Paris escorts you’ve ever met.

The Next Best Thing

After you’ve had an absolutely gorgeous meal, you and your escort Paris must head down to the bars as Paris is known for its bars of absolutely lust and beauty. You’ll soon realise that your escort Paris wants nothing more than to be around you 24/7 as you are everything to her, we can imagine you’ll be dancing with her all night won’t want to end your precious time with this absolutely gorgeous escort in Paris which if you want can never end.

Ending the Night

Ending is always the worst part of a night out with an escort Paris but it doesn’t have to end on a sad goodbye as you can plan your seductively kinky experience in a hotel and end the night on a note of absolutely bliss. We can tell that after a night out with an escort Paris you won’t be able to think of another great night out the same again, as she’ll be leaving you with you have a huge grin on your face and you won’t be able to stop thinking about her for weeks to come.


Featured London Shemale escort!

Top 3 Bustiest Shemale escorts London

London is an amazing city with much opportunity here, you can see anything and everything here including the wacky and the wonderful. If you’re wandering which are the bustiest London Shemale escorts have to offer then you’ve come to the right place as London has it all. So here is a short list of the bustiest Shemale escorts London can provide!

TS Nadia

Busty and Kinky London Shemale

TS Escort Nadia is one of the bustiest Shemale escorts London has to offer! We’ve come across possessing a wonderful 32D bust and gorgeous figure this Shemale is one to definitely book.

She also has an extremely cute smile with a loving and warm personality to boot, she really does love her clients as well always admiring for their attention in anyway when you’re out with her.

If you’re planning on going out in London and need a companion for the night or just staying at a hotel then Nadia is your Shemale.

TS Kimberly

London TS KimberlyLondon TS Escort Kimberly is an absolute stunner! Her gorgeous figure and beautiful bust are incredible!

She definitely is a one of a kind as she always dresses to impress on whatever the occasion and has a cracking body in whatever she puts on.

If you’re thinking about going out with this Shemale then head to a restaurant as this girl loves going on dinner dates because she loves learning about your deepest and darkest desires whatever they may be.

TS Kimberly loves making sure that your experience is the best of the best as that is all that matters to her.

TS LydiaLondon TS Escort Lydia

TS Lydia is an Asian Shemale London escort and her bust is absolutely magnificent! She won’t submit easy though as she loves to be quite the kinky dominatrix.

She makes any man feel at home anywhere with her because she has a very bubbly personality that is shown throughout your time with this gorgeous Shemale escort London.

When on a dinner date this beauty will show much elegance and sophistication as compliments you and strokes your ego until you fully know what you’re in for.